8 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jens Harbott 9e703aec2f Add DNS parameters to Floating IP panels 1 year ago
  Trygve Vea d1225c606e Floating IP: Expose description field in form and tables 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki 1340904d47 quota: Use network quota field names consistently 1 year ago
  Mykhailo Dovgal ca0f293cb6 Fix tenant_quota_usages function calls caching 1 year ago
  Akihiro Motoki 359467b401 Retrieve quota and usage only for resources really required 2 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 9067ae8b0f Move SG and FIP API wrapper to api.neutron 2 years ago
  Rob Cresswell 99849ad88f Move Floating IPs from Access & Security to panel 2 years ago
  Cindy Lu 163489b5e9 Horizon selects are now themable: Project Panels 2 years ago
  Akihiro Motoki 2a9349bd67 Fix E128 errors in openstack_dashboard/dashboards/project/ 4 years ago
  He Yongli e790ac070e Remove extraneous vim configuration comments 5 years ago
  Radomir Dopieralski 028332da4a Remove #noqa from most common imports and add them to import_exceptions 5 years ago
  Tatiana Mazur 953d1b9793 Enable H302 check 5 years ago
  Kieran Spear 242c8df495 Enable H201: do not write "except:" 5 years ago
  Imre Farkas 32c863e844 Improve consistency of quota checking in forms 6 years ago
  Akihiro MOTOKI dbfcc97e89 Quantum Floating IP support 6 years ago
  Akihiro MOTOKI 12faaa5c30 Ensure to use api.<category>.<method> 6 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley cb8e7c1f8f Splits OpenStack Dashboard bits from framework app code. 6 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley a058bfc1d6 Renames legacy dashboards. 6 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley df5a13c5ec Inline object creation. 6 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 085e0728e4 Improved floating ip assocation via workflows. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 856983fbcd Allow proper log output during test runs. 7 years ago
  Andy Chong d635688882 Additional translations for Traditional Chinese 7 years ago
  Jim Yeh 8e83bc8bc4 Use ugettext_lazy for verbose_texts instead of unicode. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley ab71aff23f Rework translation for panel and dashboard names. Marked more strings. 7 years ago
  Andy Chong b9897240e3 adds default text for empty instance list in form select widget 7 years ago
  Mike Perez 0b7b11bf99 Give a project name instead of tenant id when allocating an ip 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 052aa55d34 Unifies the project packaging into one set of modules. 7 years ago
  Tres Henry 2dcebb82ab Adds new explicit interstitial page to download keypair. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley aca739445e Refactored test suite. 7 years ago
  Emma Steimann 6516c3890b Updated Copyright dates to 2012. 7 years ago
  jakedahn 29b70fbf92 Implementing Floating IP Pools for Horizon 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley af66c03e42 Makes all dashboards (and all views under them) login_required by default. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 22d80f7ff8 Converts all of Access & Security to use new panels, modals, views, etc. 7 years ago
  jakedahn 3f6e168e8e Merging Floating Ips, Keypairs, and Security Groups into a single panel. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 9742842795 Re-architects the OpenStack Dashboard for modularity and extensibility. 7 years ago
  jeffjapan cd6966cb04 Corrected localized format strings and updated internationalization files 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 5719b50ff3 Updates every usage of the messages framework with ugettext. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 9c1f5410bb Internationalizes all form labels. 7 years ago
  jeffjapan 7a11e58653 Clean up PEP8 errors 7 years ago
  jeffjapan 425652f3be localized django-openstack views 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley cf115bf8ae Fixed Bug 849488 -- use log.exception instead of log.error. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley ebca6f7a6a Fixed issue 858649 on Launchpad -- Distinguishes between tenant name and tenant id. 7 years ago
  Devin Carlen 597ce86189 Fixed license headers 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 3391957ff6 Renamed templates within their new directory structures to remove unnecessary duplication of information. Updated views and tests. Removed duplicate copy of _messages.html. All tests pass, click-through successful. 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 94c4b1ed83 Fixes bug #846771 on LaunchPad -- moves django_openstack templates out of openstack_dashboard and into directories in the django_openstack app grouped logically according to modules. Site-specific templates (not referenced by the django_openstack app) remain in the openstack_dashboard project. 7 years ago
  Jake Dahn 354a5a5b49 chanigng name of unused variable 7 years ago
  Jake Dahn 5cbc5267fe pep8 and pyflakes cleanup on floating ips view 7 years ago
  Jake Dahn a34db45661 switched over to novaclient exceptions 7 years ago
  Jake Dahn 4bcc4d3f17 adjusting client, adding api tests 7 years ago
  Jake Dahn a5ecd8bbc7 fixing the allocate floating ip method 7 years ago