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  Paul Belanger 74117eb8b6 Gate on H102 Apache 2.0 license header not found for pep8 6 years ago
  Jenkins 1dd9ec17ed Merge "Documenting OPENSTACK_SSL_CACERT" 6 years ago
  Jenkins b22f1f2430 Merge "Importing from trove-client compat first" 6 years ago
  Jenkins fdfb64918a Merge "Change "Tenant" to "Project"" 6 years ago
  Jenkins ce1ef5c441 Merge "fix help text in "Create An image" window" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 2e08b7c0b3 Merge "Import install_venv from oslo" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 94841bd70c Merge "Remove docs for removed can_encrypt_volumes setting" 6 years ago
  Kun Huang 0314d54391 fix help text in "Create An image" window 6 years ago
  Steve Leon 0f9617cb55 Importing from trove-client compat first 6 years ago
  Zhenguo Niu a4a3cfbca2 Change "Tenant" to "Project" 6 years ago
  David Lyle ca014eba80 Documenting OPENSTACK_SSL_CACERT 6 years ago
  Jenkins e543879af6 Merge "Enabled django-compressor for javascript sanity test" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 4c83b33934 Merge "Importing from trove-client compat" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 151fe9dec8 Merge "Fix django.conf.urls.defaults imports" 6 years ago
  Kieran Spear 81f7c7077c Remove docs for removed can_encrypt_volumes setting 6 years ago
  Akihiro MOTOKI 1f81be7e67 Add logging configuration for iso8601 module 6 years ago
  Akihiro MOTOKI 7a0581bb70 Import install_venv from oslo 6 years ago
  Jenkins 7a51bc7ddd Merge "Use a @cached_property decorator" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 7179d7c06c Merge "Fix AttributeError on Ajax calls with expired session" 6 years ago
  Steve Leon 2fc1a45a84 Importing from trove-client compat 6 years ago
  Akihiro MOTOKI 038b5b8020 Fix default port of MS SQL in security group template 6 years ago
  Jenkins 7e819638fb Merge "Presents color contrast in resource usage charts" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 5ee38058a4 Merge "Show AZ for instances" 6 years ago
  Jenkins a8028db5e5 Merge "Allow customization of logo link" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 109ef804d9 Merge "changed default values of OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE to publicURL" 6 years ago
  George Peristerakis 3fd7f426a4 Enabled django-compressor for javascript sanity test 6 years ago
  Rob Raymond 82c654a6a7 Show AZ for instances 6 years ago
  Rob Raymond b8ff4804e1 Fix bug by escaping strings from Nova before displaying them 6 years ago
  Annapoornima Koppad ab75e6d2ad changed default values of OPENSTACK_ENDPOINT_TYPE to publicURL 6 years ago
  Kieran Spear 311b6299c5 Fix django.conf.urls.defaults imports 6 years ago
  Jenkins ae6abf7157 Merge "Fix LBaaS "Edit" forms displaying" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 00a0db7eb8 Merge "Do not release FIP on disassociate action" 6 years ago
  Jenkins e17135f885 Merge "Remove "Delete Pool" button when a pool is connected to a VIP" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 9c23d9cdae Merge "added new exception cinderclient.ConnectionError" 6 years ago
  Rob Raymond 348ffe41c4 Do not release FIP on disassociate action 6 years ago
  Jenkins 61e057172c Merge "RST typo for tutorial documentation" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 32df89884c Merge "Add the missing _" 6 years ago
  sayalilunkad 59266cba19 Presents color contrast in resource usage charts 6 years ago
  Paul Belanger 478190a687 RST typo for tutorial documentation 6 years ago
  David Lyle 11aeb1dc93 Allow customization of logo link 6 years ago
  Tatiana Mazur f924bb3d1c Remove "Delete Pool" button when a pool is connected to a VIP 6 years ago
  Radomir Dopieralski 7b13edb6c2 Use a @cached_property decorator 6 years ago
  Tatiana Mazur 8dba00a13d Fix LBaaS "Edit" forms displaying 6 years ago
  Jenkins 5918dd58f0 Merge "Provide missing hover hints for instance:<type> meters" 6 years ago
  Radomir Dopieralski 0e31e990ae Add the missing _ 6 years ago
  OpenStack Jenkins 1837b95c3e Merge "Updated from global requirements" 6 years ago
  Jenkins ef79988326 Merge "Fix warning in run_tests.sh --makemessages" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 01d7ea745a Merge "Fix horizon.tables.Column __init__ method." 6 years ago
  Jenkins 0c53378fdc Merge "Removed extraneous period" 6 years ago
  Jenkins 3dfc53df7d Merge "Update my mailmap" 6 years ago