10 Commits (74117eb8b68ede54b471b92c36a474186171715d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Belanger 74117eb8b6 Gate on H102 Apache 2.0 license header not found for pep8 6 years ago
  Georgi Demirchev 44cd16753c Sortable instances 6 years ago
  Tatiana Mazur b4fc9b4bc9 Small "H302 check" cleanup 7 years ago
  Tatiana Mazur 953d1b9793 Enable H302 check 7 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov 0c0153a037 Improvements in csv export for usage data 7 years ago
  Matthias Runge cea720e793 Sort imports alphabetically 7 years ago
  Kieran Spear ef26414b8d Revert "Improvements in csv export for usage data" 7 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov a4e583cffb Improvements in csv export for usage data 7 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov 811ee7b58a Fixed url pattern for project:instances:detail page 7 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley cb8e7c1f8f Splits OpenStack Dashboard bits from framework app code. 7 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov ba27042d65 Added custom parser for tablesorter.js 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 2c0a8f3220 Volumes Redux. 8 years ago
  Lin Hua Cheng a670349420 Fix Project Overview link to use instance_id 8 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov 216f41a883 Changed project uuid to project name 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley d8affa596c Adds initial workflow support to Horizon. 8 years ago
  Jim Yeh 8e83bc8bc4 Use ugettext_lazy for verbose_texts instead of unicode. 8 years ago
  John Postlethwait a80da1a2de Fixing an issue where a unique id was not being returned for the overview table, causing the same information to be rendered for instances with the same name but differing stats. Fixes bug #959489 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley cb8f3ddf4e Added IDs and identifiable classes to all action buttons. 8 years ago
  Jim Yeh 6b7f85602a Translate names for some tables. 8 years ago
  Tihomir Trifonov 9ffb726fd2 Added floatformat:2 filter to Overview usage for Hours/GBs 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 052aa55d34 Unifies the project packaging into one set of modules. 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 87e6970a54 Renamed all user-facing cases of "tenant" to "project". 8 years ago
  Gabriel Hurley 64b81acc0a Reworked all the usage implementations into one standard set. 8 years ago