OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
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Zuul 459d87b2d2 Merge "Imported Translations from Zanata" 4 months ago
api Change with_data=False for swift_get_container 6 months ago
conf Sync default policy rules 6 months ago
contrib Use python3-style super() 11 months ago
dashboards Consisent abbreviation of size units 5 months ago
django_pyscss_fix Handle log message interpolation by the logger 5 years ago
enabled Add Volume backups support for admin panel 7 months ago
local Changed default identity url to horizon 2 years ago
locale Imported Translations from Zanata 4 months ago
management Deprecate Django launch instance form 7 months ago
static Allow themes to override bg color of even lines of horizon tables 7 months ago
templates Use "load static" instead of "load staticfiles" 8 months ago
templatetags Stop to use the __future__ module. 1 year ago
test integration tests: Relax router interface status check 4 months ago
themes Fix Material theme to work with any combination of pyScss and MDI icons 7 months ago
usage Consisent abbreviation of size units 5 months ago
utils Use python3-style super() 11 months ago
.eslintrc make cancel button a unified style 6 years ago Unifies the project packaging into one set of modules. 10 years ago Forwards LOGOUT_URL to templates. 2 years ago Add default_availability_zone for VM creation 6 months ago Fix the network subnets check in create instance form 4 years ago pylint: fix import-error 3 years ago
karma.conf.js Add expectations to identity specs 9 months ago Change a behavior of more actions dropdown 5 years ago Rename zh-cn and zh-tw translations to zh-hans and zh-hant 7 months ago pylint: fix several warnings 3 years ago Define default settings explicitly (openstack_dashboard 5/5) 2 years ago Merge "Use python3-style super()" 11 months ago Fixed path after moving wsgi/django.wsgi to 3 years ago