OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
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- job:
name: horizon-tox-python3-django
abstract: true
parent: horizon-openstack-tox-base
description: |
Run tox with different Django version.
.. zuul:jobvar: tox_envlist
Which tox environment to run
.. zuul:jobvar: django_version
Django version to be used.
pip version specifier like ``>=1.11,<2.0`` should be passed.
pre-run: playbooks/horizon-tox-django/pre.yaml
run: playbooks/horizon-tox-django/run.yaml
tox_envlist: py36
- name: openstack/horizon
- job:
name: horizon-tox-python3-django22
parent: horizon-tox-python3-django
django_version: '>=2.2,<3.0'
- project-template:
name: horizon-non-primary-django-jobs
description: |
Run unit tests with non-primary Django versions.
# Currently we only support Django 2.2, so there is no need
# to run tests with different versions of Django.
# We specify a job in openstack-python3-xena-jobs(-horizon)
# to keep this project template as it is used in horizon plugins.
- openstack-tox-py38
# NOTE: We keep it as a template even though it is not used now.
# - horizon-tox-python3-django22
- openstack-tox-py38
# - horizon-tox-python3-django22