OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
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openstack-profiler-at-developer-dashboard-da1b1556e30aa858.yaml 1.2KB

  1. ---
  2. features:
  3. - A new Profiler panel in the Developer dashboard is
  4. introduced. It integrates
  5. `osprofiler library <>`_
  6. into horizon, thus implementing
  7. `blueprint openstack-profiler-at-developer-dashboard <>`_.
  8. Initially profiler is disabled. To enable it the value
  9. ``OPENSTACK_PROFILER['enabled']`` has to be ``True``.
  10. This in turn can be achieved by copying files
  11. and to
  12. openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.d/
  13. and openstack_dashboard/local/enabled/ respectively.
  14. Also, by default it expects MongoDB cluster
  15. to be present on the same host where Keystone is located
  16. (say, in a Devstack VM). But it also can be configured
  17. with params with ``OPENSTACK_PROFILER['notifier_connection_string]'``
  18. and ``OPENSTACK_PROFILER['receiver_connection_string']`` values.
  19. MongoDB should be installed
  20. `manually <>`_
  21. and allowed to receive requests on interface.