OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
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Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard)

Horizon is a Django-based project aimed at providing a complete OpenStack Dashboard along with an extensible framework for building new dashboards from reusable components. The openstack_dashboard module is a reference implementation of a Django site that uses the horizon app to provide web-based interactions with the various OpenStack projects.

Using Horizon

See doc/source/topics/install.rst about how to install Horizon in your OpenStack setup. It describes the example steps and has pointers for more detailed settings and configurations.

It is also available at

Getting Started for Developers

doc/source/quickstart.rst or describes how to setup Horizon development environment and start development.

Building Contributor Documentation

This documentation is written by contributors, for contributors.

The source is maintained in the doc/source directory using reStructuredText and built by Sphinx

  • Building Automatically:

    $ ./ --docs
  • Building Manually:

    $ tools/ sphinx-build doc/source doc/build/html

Results are in the doc/build/html directory