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The I18n team welcomes any kinds of contribution.
Contribute to translations
To help with translation, `become an official translator`_
and join your language team.
Then go to `translation website`_ to start translation.
You can find prioritized translation jobs at the top of the page.
If you have questions, you can contact your coordinators.
If you cannot find your local team,
you can request to `create a local translation team`_.
To report translation errors,
go to `openstack-i18n in Launchpad`_ and report bugs.
Mark bugs with a tag "translation".
There are three different roles in a translation team:
Member (translator)
A person who can submit translations.
A person who can proofread translations and
mark them as reviewed (approved) or rejected.
A privileged member in a translation team who can help
in team management tasks, such as approving new members
and reviewing contributions to that language.
We also have task coordinators for specific tasks.
Contribute to translation tools
Go to the `translation tools`_ page to understand the tools
and scripts which support our translation platform.
If you want to help to report bugs, add more wishlists, and improve them,
you can report and fix bugs at `openstack-i18n in Launchpad`_.
Mark bugs with a tag "tools".
.. _`become an official translator`:
.. _`translation website`:
.. _`create a local translation team`:
.. _`openstack-i18n in Launchpad`:
.. _`translation tools`: