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Debugging job scripts
While it would be rare, you may would like to debug the translation
job scripts. This section describes tips for such cases.
```` is mainly covered.
.. note::
It is not a complete document for debugging.
It was just written as a note. Feel free to add more topics.
It is better to use the same environment (e.g., Linux distribution version)
used in the translation job. To find the information, check ``nodeset`` of the
``propose-translation-update`` job definition in
`zuul configuration <>`__
in openstack/project-config repository.
As of Feb 2021, ``ubuntu-bionic`` is used.
You can prepare dependencies by following
`prepare-zanata-client role <>`__.
What you need are:
* Installing Zanata CLI and its dependencies.
Ensure ``zanata-cli`` command is found in your path.
* Prepare ``~/.config/zanata.ini``.
See :ref:`Zanata CLI <zanata-cli>` for more detail.
* Copy the translation scripts to your working directory from
`openstack-zuul-jobs/roles/prepare-zanata-client/files <>`__.
In addition, you need to copy ```` from
`project-config/roles/copy-proposal-common-scripts/files <>`__
to the same working directory.
Commenting out CI-specific codes
The job scripts contain codes specific to OpenStack CI.
For example, there is a code to communicate with OpenStack gerrit
and the account is hardcoded.
It looks convenient to comment out such code blocks
to debug the scripts in a local env. It should be useful
unless you are debuging a CI-specific issue.
Code blocks which look better to be commented out are:
* ``trap "finish" EXIT`` (It depends on testrepository and usually fails in
local envs)
* ``setup_review`` and a logic to check an existing change
(It is unnecessary as we do not propose a real change to gerrit.
The account used is hardcoded and it always fails in local runs.)
* ``send_patch`` (It is unnecessary as we do not want to propose
a real change to gerrit.)
* (optional)
The main logic (from ``case "$PROJECT" in`` to ``filter_commits``)
(we will debug the main logic, so perhaps we would like to run the script
piece by piece.)
The diff would be like
Copying upper-constraints.txt
The job scripts assume that upper-constraints.txt exists in the top directory of
the target project repository.
.. code-block:: console
$ wget
Note that you need to adjust the URL of the upper-constraints file
when you work on a stable branch.
Creating ~/.venv virtualenv
The job scripts assume that required python modules are installed in
``~/.venv`` virtualenv. In the zuul job, this virtualenv is prepared via
``ensure-sphinx`` and ``ensure-babel`` roles in zuul/zuul-jobs.
You need to do the same.
Note that doc/requirements.txt in most projects are almost samer so perhaps you
can reuse this virtualenv for most projects. If it does not work, consider
recreating the virtualenv.
.. code-block:: bash
$ python3 -m venv ~/.venv
$ . ~/.venv/bin/activate
# $PROJECT_DIR is a target project repository like horizon, ironic-ui ....
(.venv) $ cd $PROJECT_DIR
# Install sphinx related modules ensure-sphinx installs
(.venv) $ pip install -r doc/requirements.txt -c ../requirements/upper-constraints.txt
# Install modules ensure-babel installs
(.venv) $ pip install Babel lxml pbr requests -c ../requirements/upper-constraints.txt
(.venv) $ deactivate
Loading scripts
.. code-block:: bash
# It is better to start a new shell when debugging the script
$ bash
# The arguments are: {{ zuul.project.short_name }} {{ zuul.branch }} {{ zuul.job }} $HORIZON_REPO
> . $WORKDIR/ ironic-ui master propose-translation-update ../horizon
Simulating translation changes
If you would like to simulate translation changes, you can download translations
in advance (using zanata-cli) and modify them as you want.
In such case, you can modify the script as follows:
.. code-block:: console
--- a/roles/prepare-zanata-client/files/
+++ b/roles/prepare-zanata-client/files/
@@ -734,7 +732,8 @@ function pull_from_zanata {
# Since Zanata does not currently have an option to not download new
# files, we download everything, and then remove new files that are not
# translated enough.
- zanata-cli -B -e pull
+ #zanata-cli -B -e pull
+ cp -r $DOWNLOAD_TRANSLATIONS/$project/* .
# We skip directories starting with '.' because they never contain
# translations for the project (in particular, '.tox'). Likewise
You can download translations as below.
``zanata.xml`` will be created once you run the
(or you can prepare it by following :ref:`zanata-cli` "Project configuration").
.. code-block:: console
$ zanata-cli -B -e pull --project-config $PROJECT_DIR/zanata.xml

@ -100,3 +100,8 @@ repository.
Note that the scripts in the tasks use `zanata-cli <>`__
to pull and push translation content.
Debugging job scripts
See :doc:`infra-debug`.