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Akihiro Motoki 0bb8279674 Specify no_fuzzy_matching to True for update_catalog
update_catalog is used to update glossary PO files.
In glossary PO files, fuzzy matching proposes inappropriate entries
and as a result it is useless in most cases.
It looks reasonable to set no_fuzzy_matching to True in our use cases.

Change-Id: I3a77cb7ed231173fce27c666a9eed2821612d57c
7 years ago
Akihiro Motoki ad0e1bc3a9 update_catalog definition to update glossary
Change-Id: I5163fffa79d5b5e57fab5011f9a5c79c404b9698
7 years ago
KATO Tomoyuki dd1c1e49e1 Update Python version at setup.cfg for Mitaka
Python 3: Python 3.4 support
Python 2: Python 2.6 support dropped, Python 2.7 only

Change-Id: I99def31dd90d70ea1e16fa3491f409356eeaa03f
8 years ago
KATO 1c6b5ab0e4 Set up the initial documentation infra
This commit adds tox.ini and define test targets.
Naming of tox targets follows OpenStack most projects:
- docs for document generation

For mainly a testing purpose, contributor-guide/source/index.rst
includes CONTRIBUTING.rst at the top level.
To generate the current doc, run "tox -e docs".

setup.py and setup.cfg are added because they are
required to publish the docs to docs.o.o.

Co-Authored-By: Akihiro Motoki <amotoki@gmail.com>
Implements: blueprint i18n-contributor-guide
Change-Id: Iaf3b09865ced8b30f987b68a07c2970d2b425708
8 years ago