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Takashi Kajinami 53a1782013 Add missing font for PDF generation
openstack-tox-docs job started to fail with the following error:

! LaTeX Error: File `tgtermes.sty' not found.

This patch adds the required font package to bindep doc profile.

Co-authored-by: Elod Illes <elod.illes@est.tech>
Closes-Bug: #1935742
Change-Id: Idc7ba5b1211327a258b2972f9271b09916598cb3
2 years ago
Ian Y. Choi cdd0f640af Add bindep.txt
For translations, we need gettext installed. With the recent removal
of the bindep fallback file, we need to provide our own.

Change-Id: Ic0c12c29f0260873faa8c4d386fb8ad33d7e9265
4 years ago