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Zuul 692e6c38ef Merge "Improve generate_atc Ansible playbook" 2019-03-13 19:48:01 +00:00
Frank Kloeker f676f207d9 Improve generate_atc Ansible playbook
- fetch project list automatically
- provide test data (not sure if we can provide real data which are
already published in governance repo and wiki)

Change-Id: I1c2144f794932048ce3c8cf26f3457abaa3dec34
2019-01-27 11:04:14 +01:00
Akihiro Motoki 16aadf6924 Fix typos and translation builds
We sometimes received random non-throughout typo fixes,
so it would be helpful to check typos throughoutly.

Co-Authored-By: Frank Kloeker <>

Change-Id: Ib4727ea7e48b3c6153b01b2a5572efcb3f054a4e
2019-01-25 14:03:46 +01:00
Frank Kloeker 7500ab0805 Ansible playbook to generate I18n Extra-ATCs
Change-Id: Idbfadc365f9bf0e3dcf3b03b51b0862dafefa7e9
2018-03-25 14:22:27 +00:00