498 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alex Schultz 87abe05ba0 Retire instack-undercloud 5 months ago
  Emilien Macchi 8dcb08a4ec use the new puppet-nova parameter for sync_power_state_interval 7 months ago
  Harald Jensås 7bcdb7f7de Add start/stop command for ironic-inspector-dnsmasq 8 months ago
  Thomas Herve 98592c2b07 Set connect_timeout in mysql 8 months ago
  Alex Schultz d49442152a Fall back to puppet-ntp defaults 10 months ago
  Bob Fournier 41c401ca65 Allow local_mtu to be set to value greater than default (1500) 10 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 0c2c55c504 Remove support for classic drivers 11 months ago
  Jill Rouleau 864d220d8f Remove deprecated rabbit params 11 months ago
  Matt Riedemann ea7c83d332 Remove ironic_host_manager usage 11 months ago
  Emilien Macchi 2ee1ebfd34 Introduce docker_insecure_registries parameter 11 months ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 09f400f3de novajoin: Add higher default timeout for nova vendordata plugins 11 months ago
  Derek Higgins 9d981b88e9 Wrap heat signal URL's if IPv6 1 year ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza be9bc031ff Replace deprecated auth_uri by www_authenticate_uri. 1 year ago
  Christian Schwede ea55f3de12 Enable missing support for large objects in Swift 1 year ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles b1fe5c01bd Always include certmonger_user 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 5e1a4d9f0b Use the new dnsmasq PXE filter in ironic-inspector 1 year ago
  Honza Pokorny b0894d0ba9 Add configuration for the Nova proxy endpoint 1 year ago
  Emilien Macchi a52ba3e9a7 [CVE-2018-1000115] memcached: restrict to TCP & localhost 1 year ago
  Derek Higgins 565a7f41be Remove duplicate entry for neutron::service_plugins 1 year ago
  Pradeep Kilambi b29abfb1df Remove ceilometer expirer from instack 1 year ago
  Harald Jensas 28ff631ef0 Install and enable neutron baremetal ML2 and L2 agent 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 3756d3d60f Enable automatic migration for classic drivers to hardware types 1 year ago
  Dan Prince dd05950285 Drop inspection_enable_uefi option 1 year ago
  Radoslaw Smigielski 8ae1c7d8fa Increase size of Heat max_template_size 1 year ago
  Alex Schultz 3225d6493b Revert "Ensure FORWARD is ACCEPT by default" 1 year ago
  Alex Schultz da31c6e5ba Ensure FORWARD is ACCEPT by default 1 year ago
  Carlos Goncalves 720fc49010 Revert "Add option to install the Octavia client" 1 year ago
  Honza Pokorny e86ba84691 Enable CORS for nova 1 year ago
  Carlos Goncalves fef5be332e Add option to install the Octavia client 1 year ago
  Dougal Matthews 3e702f3bdf Increase the Mistral cron_trigger interval 1 year ago
  Harald Jensas 46a5df2625 Tripleo routed networks ironic inspector, and Undercloud 2 years ago
  Harald Jensas 1b83386162 Add per subnet network cidr nat rules 1 year ago
  Harald Jensas a1d5484a18 Add support for multiple inspection subnets 1 year ago
  Derek Higgins a4d6987c74 Disable memcached's cachedump 1 year ago
  Tony Breeds 82c2fead13 Add support for configuring additional architectures 1 year ago
  Michele Baldessari 955c339af3 Set password for mysql root user on undercloud 1 year ago
  Steven Hardy e95b5d6434 Set heat engine workers to "%{::os_workers_heat_engine}" 1 year ago
  Derek Higgins b3b863b017 Set tftp to only listen to the provisioning network 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur f5f37c9534 Set default_resource_class to baremetal 1 year ago
  Dan Prince ff54f74506 Use the docker profile to set INSECURE_REGISTRY 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur c4d33554c0 Remove usage of ironic::drivers::ipmi::retry_timeout 1 year ago
  Giulio Fidente 53e125199e Set nova dhcp_domain to empty string 1 year ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles c0d6943516 Add ctlplane hiera key that contains local IP 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 3a86b35340 Enable the ansible deploy interface out of box 1 year ago
  Giulio Fidente e29de0a58c Do not set dhcp_domain in Nova from overcloud_domain_name 1 year ago
  Pradeep Kilambi 96df8b1240 Fix panko ssl port 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 58701fe014 Support more hardware types and deprecate enabled_drivers 1 year ago
  Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 0ef7d39fc6 Add one level of verbosity for memcached 1 year ago
  Thomas Herve 5fdb4d7913 Set notification_bind on zaqar websocket 1 year ago
  Pradeep Kilambi 64e6e17f03 Remove legacy ceilometer api from undercloud 1 year ago