A utility to run diskimage-builder undercloud elements on a running host
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Jenkins d802d70d01 Merge "Delete Mistral environment after the migration" 1 year ago
6.0.0-7413b6a7cecc00b6.yaml Update release notes to include aodh db changes 2 years ago
Configure-auth-and-authtoken-for-novajoin-0cadd15e79b54c47.yaml Add auth/authtoken configuration for novajoin 2 years ago
add-additional-endpoints-96cb28a13c79e9d9.yaml Add additional proxy and config endpoints for UI 2 years ago
add-certificate-ekus-13e92513c562f0dc.yaml Add certificate EKUs to public endpoint cert 2 years ago
add-gnocchi-event-dispatcher-d70df046292e333e.yaml Add gnocchi to events dispatchers 2 years ago
add-os-auth-type-5ed9338e73e0e172.yaml Set OS_AUTH_TYPE on undercloud stackrc 2 years ago
add-variables-for-ironic-inspector-proxy-5fd349c75e3c054a.yaml Add proxy and config endpoints of ironic-inspector 1 year ago
change-default-nonssl-undercloud-ports-34e60f87f3eb7ad6.yaml Provide correct non-SSL port config in ui config 2 years ago
configurable-clients-endpoint_type-fc658f7ae935133f.yaml Configurable [clients]/endpoint_type for heat.conf 2 years ago
create-heat-cfn-endpoint-c7c00e3b61a98b5e.yaml Create Heat API CFN endpoint 2 years ago
deprecate-instack-virt-setup-0e76669d1e068408.yaml Deprecate instack-virt-setup 2 years ago
disable-ceilometer-api-14b270afc22d75c1.yaml Disable Ceilometer API by default on undercloud 2 years ago
disable-ceilometer-collector-64bbcbe58b122721.yaml Deprecate Ceilometer Collector on undercloud 2 years ago
disable-telemetry-by-default-d596b78fc08df1a9.yaml Disable Telemetry services on undercloud by default 2 years ago
disallow-ip-changes-bde0e2528544c71b.yaml Disallow IP changes on undercloud update 2 years ago
docker_registry_mirror-41c5a17eec6133f2.yaml Add option to configure docker_registry_mirror 2 years ago
enable-cinder-description-c53f8dc3a61e27c1.yaml Clarify the enable_cinder option description 1 year ago
fix_ntp_configuration-1a74dd4e02a622f5.yaml Fix ntp configuration. 2 years ago
heat-over-httpd-ae66469c8390b626.yaml Add release note about heat APIs running over httpd 2 years ago
hw-types-ded17c6d920e1feb.yaml Support configuring enabled hardware types 2 years ago
include-swap-in-memory-check-fe378284f06aae1a.yaml Include swap in memory check 2 years ago
inspector-additional-hooks-9a5c8f5aad2bac31.yaml Install Ironic inspector plugins 2 years ago
inspector-boot-mode-3c651f40d95abb46.yaml Enable boot mode detection by ironic-inspector 2 years ago
inspector-mysql-0985b0bc920c8b34.yaml Add a release note regarding inspector switch to mysql from sqlite 2 years ago
ipmi-cred-7d3b52a2618b66f7.yaml Stop setting deprecated enable_setting_ipmi_credentials option 2 years ago
ipv6-disabled-sysctl-settings-7120b2af4d72b8ad.yaml Only set ipv6 sysctl settings if ipv6 is enabled on the system. 1 year ago
ironic-api-version-d2b4ec1474918f12.yaml Bump OS_BAREMETAL_API_VERSION to 1.29 2 years ago
ironic-dbsync-da5d047e92841f78.yaml undercloud/upgrade: change ownership for ironic-dbsync.log 2 years ago
ironic-ssh-removal-72982955d848dfb3.yaml Remove support for the deprecated pxe_ssh driver 2 years ago
keystonev3-4442d170d02d8dad.yaml switch keystone endppoints to be versionless 2 years ago
maintain-member-role-ecc556d81ce583a1.yaml Change _member_role_exists to work with current upgrade flow 2 years ago
migrate-plans-36bdf9a667ce02d5.yaml Migrate plans from Mistral to Swift 2 years ago
node-discovery-8264e0c97cb5e00f.yaml Set discovery_default_driver=pxe_ipmitool and add missing release note 2 years ago
nova-cert-9a8bbad1d51c0928.yaml Remove Nova Cert service 2 years ago
nova_cells_setup-471df6c9dd45166c.yaml nova: create basic setup for cells 2 years ago
nova_db-677f60f74ba34df9.yaml Add last missing release notes before Ocata release 2 years ago
nova_eventlet-84ad971618732da9.yaml Add last missing release notes before Ocata release 2 years ago
relax-validation-for-ui-f27a5e9b64d1d6c1.yaml Disable VIP validation when UI is enabled 2 years ago
remove-image_path-configuration-9092b1c78da4d6de.yaml Remove image_path option 2 years ago
remove-leftover-tuskar-packages-eeba9cf583a11ee3.yaml Add unit test and release note for tuskar package removal 1 year ago
required-memory-increase-b7f22375c1d21aee.yaml Bump required undercloud memory to 8 GB 2 years ago
restart-collector-b043489fcdf1e9c7.yaml Set a dependency on collector 2 years ago
run-ceilometer-gnocchi-upgrade-215cb426d25d11e9.yaml Run ceilometer-upgrade for gnocchi conditionally 2 years ago
set-dns-domain-08abe0d0fe7d2e65.yaml Allow setting the DNS domain name in undercloud.conf 1 year ago
stackrc-v3-1e4513172af13806.yaml Switch stackrc and undercloud.py to use Keystone v3 2 years ago
stop-using-mistral-env-41e6d19d999791dd.yaml Delete Mistral environment after the migration 1 year ago
swift_zaqar-d476d1a8eb946776.yaml Use Swift as a Zaqar backend. 2 years ago
update-ps1-in-rc-files-ee0edbebcd75c6fc.yaml Add undercloud indicator to stackrc 2 years ago
update-ui-config-18c8701da3f7d3c1.yaml Configure UI endpoints to use Keystone v3 1 year ago
wire_up_undercloud_debug-f6fd5d21dfbab696.yaml Wire in missing debug configurations 2 years ago
zaqar-httpd-a58c28f84541d482.yaml Run Zaqar with mod_wsgi 2 years ago