Rename edeploy plugin

Since this plugin is now usable in a more generic way, the name is
changed from edeploy to extra_hardware.

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Change-Id: I690c5c00bc2b0ad1a3f329c9366910f2488e7a0a
John Trowbridge 8 years ago
parent 912c30830a
commit 0f2e3964a9

@ -364,15 +364,12 @@ Here are some plugins that can be additionally enabled:
gathers block devices from ramdisk and exposes root device in multiple
plugin for `eDeploy hardware detection and classification utilities`_,
requires a `special ramdisk`__.
stores the value of the 'data' key returned by the ramdisk as a JSON
encoded string in a Swift object.
Refer to CONTRIBUTING.rst_ for information on how to write your own plugin.
.. _eDeploy hardware detection and classification utilities:

@ -11,10 +11,11 @@
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""eDeploy hardware detection and classification plugin.
"""Plugin to store extra hardware information in Swift.
See for
details on how to use it. Note that this plugin requires a special ramdisk.
Stores the value of the 'data' key returned by the ramdisk as a JSON encoded
string in a Swift object. The object is named 'extra_hardware-<node uuid>' and
is stored in the 'inspector' container.
import json
@ -29,11 +30,11 @@ from ironic_inspector.plugins import base
LOG = logging.getLogger('ironic_inspector.plugins.edeploy')
LOG = logging.getLogger('ironic_inspector.plugins.extra_hardware')
class eDeployHook(base.ProcessingHook):
"""Processing hook for saving additional data from eDeploy ramdisk."""
class ExtraHardwareHook(base.ProcessingHook):
"""Processing hook for saving extra hardware information in Swift."""
def _store_extra_hardware(self, name, data):
"""Handles storing the extra hardware data from the ramdisk"""

@ -17,16 +17,15 @@ try:
except ImportError:
import mock
from ironic_inspector.plugins import edeploy
from ironic_inspector.plugins import extra_hardware
from ironic_inspector.test import base as test_base
@mock.patch.object(edeploy.swift, 'SwiftAPI', autospec=True)
class TestEdeploy(test_base.NodeTest):
@mock.patch.object(extra_hardware.swift, 'SwiftAPI', autospec=True)
class TestExtraHardware(test_base.NodeTest):
def setUp(self):
super(TestEdeploy, self).setUp()
self.hook = edeploy.eDeployHook()
super(TestExtraHardware, self).setUp()
self.hook = extra_hardware.ExtraHardwareHook()
def _before_update(self, introspection_data):
node_patches = []

@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
# required for edeploy plugin
# required for extra_hardware plugin

@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ setup(
"validate_interfaces = ironic_inspector.plugins.standard:ValidateInterfacesHook",
"ramdisk_error = ironic_inspector.plugins.standard:RamdiskErrorHook",
"example = ironic_inspector.plugins.example:ExampleProcessingHook",
"edeploy = ironic_inspector.plugins.edeploy:eDeployHook",
"extra_hardware = ironic_inspector.plugins.extra_hardware:ExtraHardwareHook",
"root_device_hint = ironic_inspector.plugins.root_device_hint:RootDeviceHintHook",
'openstack.cli.extension': [