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@ -143,15 +143,15 @@ To exit screen, hit ``CTRL-a d``.
List baremetal nodes::
openstack baremetal node list
baremetal node list
Bring the node to manageable state::
openstack baremetal node manage <NodeID>
baremetal node manage <NodeID>
Inspect the node::
openstack baremetal node inspect <NodeID>
baremetal node inspect <NodeID>
.. note::
The deploy driver used must support the inspect interface. See also the
@ -161,15 +161,15 @@ Inspect the node::
A node can also be inspected using the following command. However, this will
not affect the provision state of the node::
openstack baremetal introspection start <NodeID>
baremetal introspection start <NodeID>
Check inspection status::
openstack baremetal introspection status <NodeID>
baremetal introspection status <NodeID>
Optionally, get the inspection data::
openstack baremetal introspection data save <NodeID>
baremetal introspection data save <NodeID>
Writing a Plugin

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@ -26,16 +26,16 @@ Node States
* The nodes should be moved to ``MANAGEABLE`` provision state before
introspection (requires *python-ironicclient* of version 0.5.0 or newer)::
openstack baremetal node manage <node>
baremetal node manage <node>
* The introspection can be triggered by using the following command::
openstack baremetal node inspect <node>
baremetal node inspect <node>
* After successful introspection and before deploying nodes should be made
available to Nova, by moving them to ``AVAILABLE`` state::
openstack baremetal node provide <node>
baremetal node provide <node>
.. note::
Due to how Nova interacts with Ironic driver, you should wait 1 minute
@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ evaluate to true on the introspection data, then actions are run on a node.
Please refer to the command below to import introspection rule::
openstack baremetal introspection rule import <json file>
baremetal introspection rule import <json file>
Available conditions and actions are defined by plugins, and can be extended,
see :ref:`contributing_link` for details. See the `API reference`_ for
@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ rule include field ``"scope"`` in JSON file before importing. For example::
Set the property ``inspection_scope`` on the node you want the rule to be
applied to::
openstack baremetal node set --property inspection_scope="SCOPE" <node>
baremetal node set --property inspection_scope="SCOPE" <node>
Now, when inspecting, the rule will be applied only to nodes with matching
scope value. It will also ignore nodes that do not have ``inspection_scope``

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@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Workflow
Usual hardware introspection flow is as follows:
* Operator enrolls nodes into Ironic_ e.g. via
:python-ironicclient-doc:`openstack baremetal CLI <cli/osc_plugin_cli.html>`
:python-ironicclient-doc:`baremetal CLI <cli/index.html>`
command. Power management credentials should be provided to Ironic at this