Merge "Issue a warning when add_ports=pxe and not PXE NIC address is provided"

Jenkins 2015-11-19 11:28:18 +00:00 committed by Gerrit Code Review
commit c79c55e4e2
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@ -151,6 +151,10 @@ class ValidateInterfacesHook(base.ProcessingHook):
pxe_mac = introspection_data.get('boot_interface')
if CONF.processing.add_ports == 'pxe' and not pxe_mac:
LOG.warning(_LW('No boot interface provided in the introspection '
'data, will add all ports with IP addresses'))
if CONF.processing.add_ports == 'pxe' and pxe_mac:'PXE boot interface was %s'), pxe_mac)
if '-' in pxe_mac: