Add words for mutiarch configuration

Adds some words on the PXE configuration for multi-arch environments.

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Configuring PXE for Multi-arch
If the environment consists of bare metals with different architectures,
normally different ramdisks are required for each architecture. The grub
built-in variable `grub_cpu`_ could be used to locate the correct config
file for each of them.
.. _grub_cpu:
For example, setup ``$TFTPROOT/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg`` as following::
set default=master
set timeout=5
set hidden_timeout_quiet=false
menuentry "master" {
configfile /tftpboot/grub-${grub_cpu}.cfg
Prepare specific grub config for each existing architectures, e.g.
``grub-arm64.cfg`` for ARM64 and ``grub-i386.cfg`` for x86.
Update dnsmasq configuration to contain options for supported architectures.
Managing the **ironic-inspector** Database