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  Zuul 86cd1a6aee Merge "Document storage backends and migrating between them" 1 hour ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 48d5d56394 Document storage backends and migrating between them 19 hours ago
  Dmitry Tantsur ca044c9a4b Remove deprecated options for accessing Swift 1 day ago
  Zuul 43b32df646 Merge "Stop failing on missing memory or CPU" 4 days ago
  Zuul fe8f909619 Merge "Simplify locking code" 4 days ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 463d0a2f54 Stop failing on missing memory or CPU 5 days ago
  Zuul e6ef34c0aa Merge "Incorporate bandit support in CI" 5 days ago
  Kaifeng Wang 686a64b08e Update Python 3 test runtimes for Train 6 days ago
  Kaifeng Wang d57179411d Simplify locking code 1 month ago
  Zuul 479c046567 Merge "Remove pci_devices config option" 1 week ago
  Dongcan Ye f53cbe3011 Remove pci_devices config option 1 week ago
  Kaifeng Wang 52349c6c0a Incorporate bandit support in CI 2 weeks ago
  Dmitry Tantsur cebeb82006 Convert Swift connection errors into more obvious ones 2 weeks ago
  Zuul bd2c386cd7 Merge "Expose baremetal-introspection endpoint via mdns" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 9819bf3012 Merge "Remove deprecated store_data_location" 3 weeks ago
  Zuul 0d0cbd11a7 Merge "devstack: check if swift is enabled when deciding on the data backend" 3 weeks ago
  Riccardo Pittau 3c219475e6 Update sphinx and uncap jsonschema 3 weeks ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 258d7388a4 Expose baremetal-introspection endpoint via mdns 2 months ago
  Zuul 0ac77190e5 Merge "Eliminate SQL injection vulnerability in node_cache" 4 weeks ago
  Dmitry Tantsur fc8a326915 devstack: check if swift is enabled when deciding on the data backend 4 weeks ago
  Zane Bitter 9d107900b2 Eliminate SQL injection vulnerability in node_cache 1 month ago
  Zuul 1cd7659b52 Merge "pxe_filter: fix get blacklist error" 4 weeks ago
  Dongcan Ye dc7e4d26ae pxe_filter: fix get blacklist error 1 month ago
  Kaifeng Wang 09938a3975 Improve error handling of extra_hardware 1 month ago
  Dongcan Ye b8d1bda4c6 Add storing introspection data in database option 1 month ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 72bd8cec3b OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Zuul abba15fe71 Merge "Support reapply with supplied introspection data" 2 months ago
  Dongcan Ye 541dec6d11 Fix validate_interfaces processing hook format 2 months ago
  Kaifeng Wang 29d8515f50 Support reapply with supplied introspection data 4 months ago
  Kaifeng Wang 6e7b62a6eb Remove deprecated ssl options 2 months ago
  Kaifeng Wang 0e11af26b5 Remove deprecated store_data_location 2 months ago
  Zuul 47b9468838 Merge "Follow up to api-ref revision" 2 months ago
  Ian Wienand 7222802c77 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 2 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 172356d3f1 Add versions to release notes series 3 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot d1b1e5b204 Update master for stable/stein 3 months ago
  Zuul 171cc5b52f Merge "Remove PXE filter logging" 3 months ago
  Zuul 9c4fa2c6fc Merge "Pass reset_interfaces when updating a driver from the rules" 3 months ago
  Bob Fournier 9978579fc1 Remove PXE filter logging 3 months ago
  Riccardo Pittau d9f2f4f894 Removing two deprecated values from json responses 3 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur ada6b106c5 Pass reset_interfaces when updating a driver from the rules 3 months ago
  Kaifeng Wang 688c6ebd15 Follow up to api-ref revision 3 months ago
  Zuul 0d5bc4b99d Merge "Revise api-ref docs" 3 months ago
  Zuul 43be5c582e Merge "Clean up release notes and add a prelude" 3 months ago
  Zuul e62bb45260 Merge "Exclude unrelevant files from tempest job" 3 months ago
  Zuul 26eaf10a64 Merge "Reset cached extension managers in the unit tests" 3 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 28c93ea7b9 Clean up release notes and add a prelude 3 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur b3088916c6 Fix lookup when ipmi_address is a hostname 3 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 4ca182bf04 Reset cached extension managers in the unit tests 3 months ago
  Zuul a13151c3c1 Merge "introspection data backend: migration tool" 3 months ago
  Zuul e787a3361a Merge "Use getaddrinfo instead of gethostbyname while resolving BMC address" 3 months ago