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9 Commits (25114c48c2b1497d18c78ada8ccb5a238745fd4b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dmitry Tantsur 8a02e5a538 Stop running a periodic task for the noop PXE filter 3 years ago
Riccardo Pittau 3accdfbbc6 Use openstacksdk for ironic module 3 years ago
Riccardo Pittau 9b1450398c Stop using six library 3 years ago
Bob Fournier 9978579fc1 Remove PXE filter logging 4 years ago
Kaifeng Wang ec8eacdebf Clean up pxe_filter related deprecations 4 years ago
John L. Villalovos 15d5958e17 Replace use of functools.wraps() with six.wraps() 5 years ago
dparalen acb51f642d Support manage_firewall during deprecation period 5 years ago
dparalen 581c40c769 Allow periodics to terminate inspector 5 years ago
dparalen e02bc755a6 PXE boot filtering drivers 6 years ago