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Luong Anh Tuan 7571be01d1 Replace the usage of 'admin_manager' with 'os_admin' 5 years ago
John L. Villalovos ea97d2b733 Use flake8-import-order 6 years ago
Ken'ichi Ohmichi 02113d25bd Switch to use test_utils.call_until_true 6 years ago
Sergii Nozhka f52ee7a322 Add a test for introspection abort action verification. 6 years ago
Anton Arefiev 31906bfec7 Tempest: add auto-discovery test 6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 823f6d26a2 Add a simple smoke test to be run in the grenade gate 6 years ago
Anton Arefiev 316e5d86e4 Tempest: wrap instance actions into inspector methods 6 years ago
Anton Arefiev c2569c3a60 Tempest: add basic test 7 years ago