dparalen 7e72ceffd1 Terminal state transitions in transactions
Multiple spots were not using DB transactions when processing the terminal
state transitions (error, abort, finish, timeout). The pattern looked like

    # more code

which led to brief periodes of state inconsistency of NodeInfo records in
the DB.

This patch refactors the NodeInfo.finished() method to require a terminal state
transition to perform as part of the NodeInfo state update:

   NodeInfo().finished(istate.Events.abort, 'Canceled by operator')

This patch also introduces a new state: aborting to allow the inspector to
try call power-off the node before marking the introspection aborted.

There's a new DB migration since the new state implies a schema change too

Closes-Bug: #1721233
Closes-Bug: #1721230
Closes-Bug: #1723384

Change-Id: I0bb051d1956a996ed006d55a5ca2d670d9455047
2017-12-19 18:15:31 +01:00
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