Hardware introspection daemon for OpenStack Ironic
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.. -*- rst -*-
Process introspection data
After the ramdisk collects the required information from the bare metal
node, it should post it back to Inspector via ``POST /v1/continue`` API.
.. warning::
Operators are reminded not to expose the Ironic Inspector API to
unsecured and untrusted networks. API below is available to
*unauthenticated* clients because **ironic-python-agent** ramdisk
does not have access to keystone credentials.
Ramdisk Callback
.. rest_method:: POST /v1/continue
It is the API for the ramdisk to post back all discovered data.
This should not be used for clients other than the ramdisk.
Full list of hardware inventory keys may be found in **ironic-python-agent**
documentation: `hardware inventory <https://docs.openstack.org/ironic-python-agent/latest/admin/how_it_works.html#hardware-inventory>`_.
Normal response codes: 201
Error codes: 400
List of mandatory hardware keys:
.. rest_parameters:: parameters.yaml
- inventory: inventory
- memory: memory
- cpu: cpu
- bmc_address: bmc_address
- interfaces: interfaces
- disks: disks
- root_disk: root_disk
- boot_interface: boot_interface
**Example node introspection continue request:**
.. literalinclude:: samples/api-v1-continue-request.json
:language: javascript
The response will contain Ironic node ``uuid`` record.
.. rest_parameters:: parameters.yaml
- uuid: node_uuid
**Example JSON representation:**
.. literalinclude:: samples/api-v1-common-node-uuid.json
:language: javascript