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Jenkins 86c4c15ed9
Merge "is-empty conditions should accept missing values"
7 years ago
.placeholder Use Reno for release notes management 7 years ago
abort-introspection-ae5cb5a9fbacd2ac.yaml Introduce API for aborting introspection 7 years ago
compact-debug-logging-b15dd9bbdd3ce27a.yaml Improve debug logging 7 years ago
contains-matches-ee28958b08995494.yaml Add new conditions: matches and contains 7 years ago
cors-5f345c65da7f5c99.yaml Added CORS support to Ironic Inspector 7 years ago
deprecate-rollback-dea95ac515d3189b.yaml Officially deprecate rollback for introspection rules 7 years ago
deprecate-root-device-hint-909d389b7efed5da.yaml Deprecate root_device_hint name for raid_device plugin 7 years ago
disable-dhcp-c86a3a0ee2696ee0.yaml Disable DHCP completely when no nodes are on introspection 7 years ago
drop-maintenance-a9a87a9a2af051ad.yaml Drop support for introspecting nodes in maintenance mode 7 years ago
edeploy-typeerror-6486e31923d91666.yaml Better error handling when converting eDeploy data 7 years ago
empty-condition-abc707b771be6be3.yaml Add new condition: is-empty 7 years ago
enroll-hook-d8c32eba70848210.yaml Add enroll_node_not_found hook 7 years ago
extend-rules-9a9d38701e970611.yaml Extend conditions and actions 7 years ago
extra-hardware-swift-aeebf299b9605bb0.yaml Do not set Swift parameters defaults in keyword arguments 7 years ago
firewall-rerun-f2d0f64cca2698ff.yaml Make sure to clean the blacklist cache when disabling the firewall 7 years ago
fix-mysql-6b79049fe96edae4.yaml Add missing release notes 7 years ago
flask-debug-6d2dcc2b482324dc.yaml Add missing release notes 7 years ago
futurist-557fcd18d4eaf1c1.yaml Use futurist library for asynchronous tasks 7 years ago
googbye-patches-args-071532024b9260bd.yaml Remove deprecated support for passing patches lists into hooks 7 years ago
ipa-inventory-0a1e8d644da850ff.yaml Switch to IPA as a primary ramdisk 7 years ago
ipa-support-7eea800306829a49.yaml Add missing release notes 7 years ago
is-empty-missing-a590d580cb62761d.yaml is-empty conditions should accept missing values 7 years ago
keystoneauth-plugins-aab6cbe1d0e884bf.yaml Use keystoneauth for Ironic and Swift clients 7 years ago
less-iptables-calls-759e89d103df504c.yaml Do not update firewall rules if list of MAC's did not change 7 years ago
log-info-not-found-cache-error-afbc87e80305ca5c.yaml Allow specify log level for Error exception 7 years ago
logs-collector-logging-356e56cd70a04a2b.yaml Enable ramdisk log collection in devstack plugin and improve logging 7 years ago
lookup-all-macs-eead528c0b764ad7.yaml Use all valid MAC's for lookup 7 years ago
migrations-autogenerate-4303fd496c3c2757.yaml Add missing release notes 7 years ago
missing-pxe-mac-d9329dab85513460.yaml Add missing release notes 7 years ago
no-downgrade-migrations-514bf872d9f944ed.yaml Remove downgrades from migrations 7 years ago
no-fail-on-power-off-enroll-node-e40854f6def397b8.yaml Don't fail on power off if in enroll state 7 years ago
no-logs-stored-data-6db52934c7f9a91a.yaml Stop storing ramdisk logs with the introspection data 7 years ago
no-rollback-e15bc7fee0134545.yaml Drop rollback actions for set-XX and extend-XX rules actions 7 years ago
node-locking-4d135ca5b93524b1.yaml Lock nodes to avoid simultaneous introspection requests 7 years ago
patch-head-backslash-24bcdd03ba254bf2.yaml Add forward slash for node path patch 7 years ago
preprocessing-error-01e55b4db20fb7fc.yaml Properly report preprocessing errors to a user 7 years ago
processing-data-type-check-7c914339d3ab15ba.yaml Validate that data received from the ramdisk is a JSON object 7 years ago
processing-logging-e2d27bbac95a7213.yaml Track node identification during the whole processing 7 years ago
ramdisk-logs-on-all-failures-24da41edf3a98400.yaml Store ramdisk logs on all processing failures, not only reported by the ramdisk 7 years ago
reapply-introspection-5edbbfaf498dbd12.yaml Allow rerunning introspection on stored data 7 years ago
rules-invert-2585173a11db3c31.yaml Add invert option to rule conditions 7 years ago
sphinx-docs-4d0a5886261e57bf.yaml Generate Sphinx docs 7 years ago