Hardware introspection daemon for OpenStack Ironic
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Upgrade Guide

The release notes should always be read carefully when upgrading the ironic-inspector service. Starting with the Mitaka series, specific upgrade steps and considerations are well-documented in the release notes.

Upgrades are only supported one series at a time, or within a series. Only offline (with downtime) upgrades are currently supported.

When upgrading ironic-inspector, the following steps should always be taken:

  • Update ironic-inspector code, without restarting the service yet.

  • Stop the ironic-inspector service.

  • Run database migrations:

    ironic-inspector-dbsync --config-file <PATH-TO-INSPECTOR.CONF> upgrade
  • Start the ironic-inspector service.

  • Upgrade the ironic-python-agent image used for introspection.


There is no implicit upgrade order between ironic and ironic-inspector, unless the release notes say otherwise.