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# Copyright 2015 NEC Corporation
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
"""SQLAlchemy models for inspection data and shared database code."""
import contextlib
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_db import options as db_opts
from oslo_db.sqlalchemy import models
from oslo_db.sqlalchemy import session as db_session
from oslo_db.sqlalchemy import types as db_types
from sqlalchemy import (Boolean, Column, DateTime, Float, ForeignKey, Integer,
String, Text)
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base
from sqlalchemy import orm
from ironic_inspector import conf # noqa
class ModelBase(models.ModelBase):
__table_args__ = {'mysql_engine': "InnoDB",
'mysql_charset': "utf8"}
Base = declarative_base(cls=ModelBase)
_DEFAULT_SQL_CONNECTION = 'sqlite:///ironic_inspector.sqlite'
_FACADE = None
db_opts.set_defaults(cfg.CONF, _DEFAULT_SQL_CONNECTION,
if CONF.discoverd.database:
connection='sqlite:///%s' %
class Node(Base):
__tablename__ = 'nodes'
uuid = Column(String(36), primary_key=True)
started_at = Column(Float, nullable=True)
finished_at = Column(Float, nullable=True)
error = Column(Text, nullable=True)
class Attribute(Base):
__tablename__ = 'attributes'
name = Column(String(255), primary_key=True)
value = Column(String(255), primary_key=True)
uuid = Column(String(36), ForeignKey('nodes.uuid'))
class Option(Base):
__tablename__ = 'options'
uuid = Column(String(36), ForeignKey('nodes.uuid'), primary_key=True)
name = Column(String(255), primary_key=True)
value = Column(Text)
class Rule(Base):
__tablename__ = 'rules'
uuid = Column(String(36), primary_key=True)
created_at = Column(DateTime, nullable=False)
description = Column(Text)
# NOTE(dtantsur): in the future we might need to temporary disable a rule
disabled = Column(Boolean, default=False)
conditions = orm.relationship('RuleCondition', lazy='joined',
cascade="all, delete-orphan")
actions = orm.relationship('RuleAction', lazy='joined',
cascade="all, delete-orphan")
class RuleCondition(Base):
__tablename__ = 'rule_conditions'
id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
rule = Column(String(36), ForeignKey('rules.uuid'))
op = Column(String(255), nullable=False)
multiple = Column(String(255), nullable=False)
invert = Column(Boolean, default=False)
# NOTE(dtantsur): while all operations now require a field, I can also
# imagine user-defined operations that do not, thus it's nullable.
field = Column(Text)
params = Column(db_types.JsonEncodedDict)
def as_dict(self):
res = self.params.copy()
res['op'] = self.op
res['field'] = self.field
return res
class RuleAction(Base):
__tablename__ = 'rule_actions'
id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
rule = Column(String(36), ForeignKey('rules.uuid'))
action = Column(String(255), nullable=False)
params = Column(db_types.JsonEncodedDict)
def as_dict(self):
res = self.params.copy()
res['action'] = self.action
return res
def init():
"""Initialize the database."""
return get_session()
def get_session(**kwargs):
facade = create_facade_lazily()
return facade.get_session(**kwargs)
def get_engine():
facade = create_facade_lazily()
return facade.get_engine()
def model_query(model, *args, **kwargs):
"""Query helper for simpler session usage.
:param session: if present, the session to use
session = kwargs.get('session') or get_session()
query = session.query(model, *args)
return query
def create_facade_lazily():
global _FACADE
if _FACADE is None:
_FACADE = db_session.EngineFacade.from_config(cfg.CONF)
return _FACADE
def ensure_transaction(session=None):
session = session or get_session()
with session.begin(subtransactions=True):
yield session