Hardware introspection daemon for OpenStack Ironic
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# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Cache for nodes currently under introspection."""
import copy
import json
import time
from ironicclient import exceptions
from oslo_concurrency import lockutils
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_db import exception as db_exc
from oslo_utils import excutils
from oslo_utils import uuidutils
from sqlalchemy import text
from ironic_inspector import db
from ironic_inspector.common.i18n import _, _LE, _LW, _LI
from ironic_inspector.common import ironic as ir_utils
from ironic_inspector import utils
LOG = utils.getProcessingLogger(__name__)
_LOCK_TEMPLATE = 'node-%s'
_SEMAPHORES = lockutils.Semaphores()
def _get_lock(uuid):
"""Get lock object for a given node UUID."""
return lockutils.internal_lock(_LOCK_TEMPLATE % uuid,
def _get_lock_ctx(uuid):
"""Get context manager yielding a lock object for a given node UUID."""
return lockutils.lock(_LOCK_TEMPLATE % uuid, semaphores=_SEMAPHORES)
class NodeInfo(object):
"""Record about a node in the cache.
This class optionally allows to acquire a lock on a node. Note that the
class instance itself is NOT thread-safe, you need to create a new instance
for every thread.
def __init__(self, uuid, started_at=None, finished_at=None, error=None,
node=None, ports=None, ironic=None, lock=None):
self.uuid = uuid
self.started_at = started_at
self.finished_at = finished_at
self.error = error
self._node = node
if ports is not None and not isinstance(ports, dict):
ports = {p.address: p for p in ports}
self._ports = ports
self._attributes = None
self._ironic = ironic
# This is a lock on a node UUID, not on a NodeInfo object
self._lock = lock if lock is not None else _get_lock(uuid)
# Whether lock was acquired using this NodeInfo object
self._locked = lock is not None
def __del__(self):
if self._locked:
LOG.warning(_LW('BUG: node lock was not released by the moment '
'node info object is deleted'))
def acquire_lock(self, blocking=True):
"""Acquire a lock on the associated node.
Exits with success if a lock is already acquired using this NodeInfo
:param blocking: if True, wait for lock to be acquired, otherwise
return immediately.
:returns: boolean value, whether lock was acquired successfully
if self._locked:
return True
LOG.debug('Attempting to acquire lock', node_info=self)
if self._lock.acquire(blocking):
self._locked = True
LOG.debug('Successfully acquired lock', node_info=self)
return True
LOG.debug('Unable to acquire lock', node_info=self)
return False
def release_lock(self):
"""Release a lock on a node.
Does nothing if lock was not acquired using this NodeInfo object.
if self._locked:
LOG.debug('Successfully released lock', node_info=self)
self._locked = False
def options(self):
"""Node introspection options as a dict."""
if self._options is None:
rows = db.model_query(db.Option).filter_by(
self._options = {row.name: json.loads(row.value)
for row in rows}
return self._options
def attributes(self):
"""Node look up attributes as a dict."""
if self._attributes is None:
self._attributes = {}
rows = db.model_query(db.Attribute).filter_by(
for row in rows:
self._attributes.setdefault(row.name, []).append(row.value)
return self._attributes
def ironic(self):
"""Ironic client instance."""
if self._ironic is None:
self._ironic = ir_utils.get_client()
return self._ironic
def set_option(self, name, value):
"""Set an option for a node."""
encoded = json.dumps(value)
self.options[name] = value
with db.ensure_transaction() as session:
db.model_query(db.Option, session=session).filter_by(
uuid=self.uuid, name=name).delete()
db.Option(uuid=self.uuid, name=name, value=encoded).save(
def finished(self, error=None):
"""Record status for this node.
Also deletes look up attributes from the cache.
:param error: error message
self.finished_at = time.time()
self.error = error
with db.ensure_transaction() as session:
db.model_query(db.Node, session=session).filter_by(
{'finished_at': self.finished_at, 'error': error})
db.model_query(db.Attribute, session=session).filter_by(
db.model_query(db.Option, session=session).filter_by(
def add_attribute(self, name, value, session=None):
"""Store look up attribute for a node in the database.
:param name: attribute name
:param value: attribute value or list of possible values
:param session: optional existing database session
:raises: Error if attributes values are already in database
if not isinstance(value, list):
value = [value]
with db.ensure_transaction(session) as session:
for v in value:
db.Attribute(name=name, value=v, uuid=self.uuid).save(
except db_exc.DBDuplicateEntry as exc:
LOG.error(_LE('Database integrity error %s during '
'adding attributes'), exc, node_info=self)
raise utils.Error(_(
'Some or all of %(name)s\'s %(value)s are already '
'on introspection') % {'name': name, 'value': value},
# Invalidate attributes so they're loaded on next usage
self._attributes = None
def from_row(cls, row, ironic=None, lock=None, node=None):
"""Construct NodeInfo from a database row."""
fields = {key: row[key]
for key in ('uuid', 'started_at', 'finished_at', 'error')}
return cls(ironic=ironic, lock=lock, node=node, **fields)
def invalidate_cache(self):
"""Clear all cached info, so that it's reloaded next time."""
self._options = None
self._node = None
self._ports = None
self._attributes = None
self._ironic = None
def node(self):
"""Get Ironic node object associated with the cached node record."""
if self._node is None:
self._node = ir_utils.get_node(self.uuid, ironic=self.ironic)
return self._node
def create_ports(self, macs):
"""Create one or several ports for this node.
A warning is issued if port already exists on a node.
for mac in macs:
if mac not in self.ports():
LOG.warning(_LW('Port %s already exists, skipping'),
mac, node_info=self)
def ports(self):
"""Get Ironic port objects associated with the cached node record.
This value is cached as well, use invalidate_cache() to clean.
:return: dict MAC -> port object
if self._ports is None:
self._ports = {p.address: p for p in
self.ironic.node.list_ports(self.uuid, limit=0)}
return self._ports
def _create_port(self, mac):
port = self.ironic.port.create(node_uuid=self.uuid, address=mac)
except exceptions.Conflict:
LOG.warning(_LW('Port %s already exists, skipping'),
mac, node_info=self)
# NOTE(dtantsur): we didn't get port object back, so we have to
# reload ports on next access
self._ports = None
self._ports[mac] = port
def patch(self, patches):
"""Apply JSON patches to a node.
Refreshes cached node instance.
:param patches: JSON patches to apply
:raises: ironicclient exceptions
# NOTE(aarefiev): support path w/o ahead forward slash
# as Ironic cli does
for patch in patches:
if patch.get('path') and not patch['path'].startswith('/'):
patch['path'] = '/' + patch['path']
LOG.debug('Updating node with patches %s', patches, node_info=self)
self._node = self.ironic.node.update(self.uuid, patches)
def patch_port(self, port, patches):
"""Apply JSON patches to a port.
:param port: port object or its MAC
:param patches: JSON patches to apply
ports = self.ports()
if isinstance(port, str):
port = ports[port]
LOG.debug('Updating port %(mac)s with patches %(patches)s',
{'mac': port.address, 'patches': patches},
new_port = self.ironic.port.update(port.uuid, patches)
ports[port.address] = new_port
def update_properties(self, **props):
"""Update properties on a node.
:param props: properties to update
patches = [{'op': 'add', 'path': '/properties/%s' % k, 'value': v}
for k, v in props.items()]
def update_capabilities(self, **caps):
"""Update capabilities on a node.
:param props: capabilities to update
existing = ir_utils.capabilities_to_dict(
def delete_port(self, port):
"""Delete port.
:param port: port object or its MAC
ports = self.ports()
if isinstance(port, str):
port = ports[port]
del ports[port.address]
def get_by_path(self, path):
"""Get field value by ironic-style path (e.g. /extra/foo).
:param path: path to a field
:returns: field value
:raises: KeyError if field was not found
path = path.strip('/')
if '/' in path:
prop, key = path.split('/', 1)
return getattr(self.node(), prop)[key]
return getattr(self.node(), path)
except AttributeError:
raise KeyError(path)
def replace_field(self, path, func, **kwargs):
"""Replace a field on ironic node.
:param path: path to a field as used by the ironic client
:param func: function accepting an old value and returning a new one
:param kwargs: if 'default' value is passed here, it will be used when
no existing value is found.
:raises: KeyError if value is not found and default is not set
:raises: everything that patch() may raise
value = self.get_by_path(path)
op = 'replace'
except KeyError:
if 'default' in kwargs:
value = kwargs['default']
op = 'add'
ref_value = copy.deepcopy(value)
value = func(value)
if value != ref_value:
self.patch([{'op': op, 'path': path, 'value': value}])
def add_node(uuid, **attributes):
"""Store information about a node under introspection.
All existing information about this node is dropped.
Empty values are skipped.
:param uuid: Ironic node UUID
:param attributes: attributes known about this node (like macs, BMC etc);
also ironic client instance may be passed under 'ironic'
:returns: NodeInfo
started_at = time.time()
with db.ensure_transaction() as session:
db.Node(uuid=uuid, started_at=started_at).save(session)
node_info = NodeInfo(uuid=uuid, started_at=started_at,
ironic=attributes.pop('ironic', None))
for (name, value) in attributes.items():
if not value:
node_info.add_attribute(name, value, session=session)
return node_info
def delete_nodes_not_in_list(uuids):
"""Delete nodes which don't exist in Ironic node UUIDs.
:param uuids: Ironic node UUIDs
inspector_uuids = _list_node_uuids()
for uuid in inspector_uuids - uuids:
_LW('Node %s was deleted from Ironic, dropping from Ironic '
'Inspector database'), uuid)
with _get_lock_ctx(uuid):
def _delete_node(uuid, session=None):
"""Delete information about a node.
:param uuid: Ironic node UUID
:param session: optional existing database session
with db.ensure_transaction(session) as session:
for model in (db.Attribute, db.Option, db.Node):
def introspection_active():
"""Check if introspection is active for at least one node."""
# FIXME(dtantsur): is there a better way to express it?
return (db.model_query(db.Node.uuid).filter_by(finished_at=None).first()
is not None)
def active_macs():
"""List all MAC's that are on introspection right now."""
return ({x.value for x in db.model_query(db.Attribute.value).
def _list_node_uuids():
"""Get all nodes' uuid from cache.
:returns: Set of nodes' uuid.
return {x.uuid for x in db.model_query(db.Node.uuid)}
def get_node(node_id, ironic=None, locked=False):
"""Get node from cache.
:param node_id: node UUID or name.
:param ironic: optional ironic client instance
:param locked: if True, get a lock on node before fetching its data
:returns: structure NodeInfo.
if uuidutils.is_uuid_like(node_id):
node = None
uuid = node_id
node = ir_utils.get_node(node_id, ironic=ironic)
uuid = node.uuid
if locked:
lock = _get_lock(uuid)
lock = None
row = db.model_query(db.Node).filter_by(uuid=uuid).first()
if row is None:
raise utils.Error(_('Could not find node %s in cache') % uuid,
return NodeInfo.from_row(row, ironic=ironic, lock=lock, node=node)
except Exception:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
if lock is not None:
def find_node(**attributes):
"""Find node in cache.
This function acquires a lock on a node.
:param attributes: attributes known about this node (like macs, BMC etc)
also ironic client instance may be passed under 'ironic'
:returns: structure NodeInfo with attributes ``uuid`` and ``created_at``
:raises: Error if node is not found
ironic = attributes.pop('ironic', None)
# NOTE(dtantsur): sorting is not required, but gives us predictability
found = set()
for (name, value) in sorted(attributes.items()):
if not value:
LOG.debug('Empty value for attribute %s', name)
if not isinstance(value, list):
value = [value]
LOG.debug('Trying to use %s of value %s for node look up'
% (name, value))
value_list = []
for v in value:
value_list.append('name="%s" AND value="%s"' % (name, v))
stmt = ('select distinct uuid from attributes where ' +
' OR '.join(value_list))
rows = (db.model_query(db.Attribute.uuid).from_statement(
if rows:
found.update(item.uuid for item in rows)
if not found:
raise utils.NotFoundInCacheError(_(
'Could not find a node for attributes %s') % attributes)
elif len(found) > 1:
raise utils.Error(_(
'Multiple matching nodes found for attributes '
'%(attr)s: %(found)s')
% {'attr': attributes, 'found': list(found)}, code=404)
uuid = found.pop()
node_info = NodeInfo(uuid=uuid, ironic=ironic)
row = (db.model_query(db.Node.started_at, db.Node.finished_at).
if not row:
raise utils.Error(_(
'Could not find node %s in introspection cache, '
'probably it\'s not on introspection now') % uuid, code=404)
if row.finished_at:
raise utils.Error(_(
'Introspection for node %(node)s already finished on '
'%(finish)s') % {'node': uuid, 'finish': row.finished_at})
node_info.started_at = row.started_at
return node_info
except Exception:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
def clean_up():
"""Clean up the cache.
* Finish introspection for timed out nodes.
* Drop outdated node status information.
:return: list of timed out node UUID's
status_keep_threshold = (time.time() -
with db.ensure_transaction() as session:
db.model_query(db.Node, session=session).filter(
db.Node.finished_at < status_keep_threshold).delete()
timeout = CONF.timeout
if timeout <= 0:
return []
threshold = time.time() - timeout
uuids = [row.uuid for row in
db.model_query(db.Node.uuid, session=session).filter(
db.Node.started_at < threshold,
if not uuids:
return []
LOG.error(_LE('Introspection for nodes %s has timed out'), uuids)
for u in uuids:
node_info = get_node(u, locked=True)
if node_info.finished_at or node_info.started_at > threshold:
db.model_query(db.Node, session=session).filter_by(
uuid=u).update({'finished_at': time.time(),
'error': 'Introspection timeout'})
db.model_query(db.Attribute, session=session).filter_by(
db.model_query(db.Option, session=session).filter_by(
return uuids
def create_node(driver, ironic=None, **attributes):
"""Create ironic node and cache it.
* Create new node in ironic.
* Cache it in inspector.
:param driver: driver for Ironic node.
:param ironic: ronic client instance.
:param attributes: dict, additional keyword arguments to pass
to the ironic client on node creation.
:return: NodeInfo, or None in case error happened.
if ironic is None:
ironic = ir_utils.get_client()
node = ironic.node.create(driver=driver, **attributes)
except exceptions.InvalidAttribute as e:
LOG.error(_LE('Failed to create new node: %s'), e)
LOG.info(_LI('Node %s was created successfully'), node.uuid)
return add_node(node.uuid, ironic=ironic)