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Julia Kreger cb5efad201 Remove /var/tmp/* from images
In some cases, things such as dracut regenerating the
initramfs file, may leave some artifacts in /var/tmp/ from
the ramdisk build. These are not needed and can be discarded.

Change-Id: Ibd2a61a7e42adfea868679c52c7a786d9aab1b36
5 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot daab68fb24 Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/zed
Update the URL to the upper-constraints file to point to the redirect
rule on so that anyone working on this branch
will switch to the correct upper-constraints list automatically when
the requirements repository branches.

Until the requirements repository has as stable/zed branch, tests will
continue to use the upper-constraints list on master.

Change-Id: I339e5811d71dd6adb82c0485db9e40e0eaeaf47c
9 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot f6d15d0dc0 Update .gitreview for stable/zed
Change-Id: I4326000decc19a60caeec76e482ee2d2dbbc9fdc
9 months ago
niuke ddbd6594d5 remove unicode prefix from code
Change-Id: Ie5d6e0f2c5435dc66bd81e58e27a706e1e1c75ac
9 months ago
Zuul a63bb7081c Merge "Document building an image with patches" 11 months ago
Zuul 9d5ce06ac0 Merge "Remove support for openSUSE since Python 3.6 is no longer supported" 11 months ago
Riccardo Pittau 020c4b3495 Remove CentOS Stream 8 leftovers
Change-Id: I74bf0eeaf5012728a5f738826b3adfb3ba24c9df
11 months ago
Zuul f5ef66e413 Merge "Add smartmontools package to DIB image" 11 months ago
Mark Goddard 57f50f7e10 Add smartmontools package to DIB image
This package includes smartctl, which is necessary for ATA secure erase
disk cleaning.

Without this package, IPA will fall back to shredding ATA devices, and
you will lose hours of your life. Worse, until, the
lack of smartctl was silently ignored.

Change-Id: I6952b833e0be4a47e45e9c4d4459956093628b6a
11 months ago
Julia Kreger 43f2eae773 Remove some extra Centos Packages
Removes webkit and polkit from ramdisks which are not
operationally needed as we don't need to render web pages
in the ramdisk, and we don't need to do system wide policy
enforcement. This does chain them with || true, just to be
on the safe side as we're trying to opportunistically cut
excess cruft in order to save space overall.

Locally, these changes have taken the uncompressed ramdisk
footprint from 780MB to 730MB.

Change-Id: I402a60c61f1b88b98798d9fae52420b1ca256512
12 months ago
Dmitry Tantsur 3272b5478b Document building an image with patches
Change-Id: Ice5ffaa0b8eea9afacc58c64dcfdaa58d3147a26
12 months ago
Dmitry Tantsur cd3408613a Remove support for openSUSE since Python 3.6 is no longer supported
The conditions are left in the code in case someone somehow make it
work. We can clean them up later.

Change-Id: I65f6da0e90560c00eb82e8e4366fdaf3bbde8da1
1 year ago
Dmitry Tantsur d543aa8bf4 Remove support for distributions with Python 3.6
IPA can no longer be installed on them, other projects will follow.
Leave the jobs in place for projects that consume them.
Publish Stream 9 images (we'll need to clean up tarballs.o.o later).

Also force using Python 3.9 for tinyipa.

Change-Id: I350c563c1c4ab60ac10d7c9e4bb0715bfde1b1db
1 year ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira e5bf43c791 Add multipath-io element
This commits introduces a new element `multipath-io`
that should be used when the system contains multipath devices.

Change-Id: I52761aecf0e17ed7482897b50a9b64ee514edfbe
1 year ago
OpenStack Release Bot 835f6483d2 Update master for stable/yoga
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: I34c29fb486962154532ca1c8751881533ff0fc67
1 year ago
Riccardo Pittau ab25ed462d Update qemu version
Change-Id: I985064e7f5e3eae70b0bbccc022afba85416de3a
1 year ago
Zuul 46e396af7b Merge "Make centos9 jobs voting, add to gate" 1 year ago
Steve Baker 86649a0cba Make centos9 jobs voting, add to gate
Change-Id: I56d271a6a512cb1967ac518c3165ee96ea1c4a8a
1 year ago
Zuul 65fc08446f Merge "Added element to enable RDO deps repo to install sysbench" 1 year ago
Zuul dbe9995015 Merge "dhcp-all-interfaces: let NetworkManager doit." 1 year ago
Julia Kreger 94171f104c Create random character devices so systemd does not crash
Systemd, depending on the version and the configuration,
can attempt to open urandom when a ramdisk boots, before
the udevd is launched to handle the devices. In particular
in FIPS mode, this can result in the ramdisk crashing.

In order to handle this, we pre-create the chracter device
files which can be statically used in the early start sequence
to allow the agent to boot and deploy.

Change-Id: I587e66a0d6b652c4aeca6fc211602d999d4641e8
1 year ago
Zuul 8fd98f24b6 Merge "Remove ussuri job" 1 year ago
Zuul 86c1757da5 Merge "Build tinyipa on tinycore 13.x" 1 year ago
Riccardo Pittau 578d27c142 Remove ussuri job
Ussuri is EM, reducing CI commitment

Change-Id: Iedbecb6d9e51d3a511846b4b16adcdf6508426de
1 year ago
Riccardo Pittau 30415b17a9 Build tinyipa on tinycore 13.x
Change-Id: Idd9f77c7002026cbd97c78c23bb575009503ecdb
1 year ago
Riccardo Pittau 462dced261 Update documentation on supported CentOS version
We don't support CentOS 8 anymore, only CentOS Stream 8

Change-Id: Ie63a6865f7609385f5710cc9fcc8bfda1fa46976
1 year ago
Riccardo Pittau 8315c5d91f Use debian current stable for dib
The current stable release for debian is bullseye, this patch switches
dib-based images to that version.

Change-Id: Id607d7697c0aa8464b533047a4e5938648a0e25b
1 year ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) bb6a4769ac Added element to enable RDO deps repo to install sysbench
In CentOS Stream/RHEL 9, synbench package is removed and
it is currently available and maintained under rdo deps repo.

Since sysbench is needed in extra-hardware element for running

This patch enables the repo to install sysbench.

Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar (raukadah) <>
Change-Id: I8ebb405a1921282f49952e7cfdd19558ef7f1b1d
1 year ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) a08dcb4c36 Move centos9 jobs from experimental to check
Change-Id: I31dd48509ad029c88ee79415516771019cd1314e
1 year ago
Harald Jensås bdb387bb84 dhcp-all-interfaces: let NetworkManager doit.
Override the default for DIB_DHCP_NETWORK_MANAGER_AUTO
to `true` on RHEL and CentOS release 8 and later.

The dhcp-all-interfaces element is configured to only
apply NetworkManager configuration. The service:
dhcp-all-interfaces will not be enabled. Not enabling the
service allows NetworkManager to do the interface auto-
configuration. In release 8 and later it should do this
just as good, or even better, compared to the script.

Depends-On: Id6f8d6aaaf52a78175bb6c065ec88274c364834e
Change-Id: I12950733bfe54cae62d299b4c5987449d551857a
1 year ago
Steve Baker 66206d0b27 Remove centos7 job, python2 support
This change does the following:
- Removes the centos7 job, it uses python2 even though python2 was
  dropped from IPA in 2019.
  (see Ifd0e0b99bb82a7d7e82d6c14309468196f5734fc)
- Allow 60-ironic-python-agent-ramdisk-install to assume python3 and
  the venv module, the remaining centos7-python3 job will also test this
- Replaces the pip-and-virtualenv element with ensure-venv.
  pip-and-virtualenv exists to install virtualenv for python2
  environments, and it is unmaintained and mostly technical debt.

Change-Id: I9b6e03f50a4eb2484a04748e51d7348401b6ca04
1 year ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) 811d9ff9e5 Replace genisoimage with xorriso
genisoimage has been removed from RHEL-9 and is replaced with

This patch updates the package map to xorriso instead of
replacing the genisoimage key map to avoid the breakage for
other distros.

Closes-Bug: #1953013

Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar (raukadah) <>
Change-Id: I31f6d4f080afd93ae067c37348e9ef570f0a34d4
2 years ago
Zuul 32d19e3c8f Merge "add element-deps for element burn-in delete entries" 2 years ago
Bernd Mueller c48f3141f6 add element-deps for element burn-in
delete entries

follow up of

Signed-off-by: Bernd Mueller <>
Change-Id: I8be293a5d63826d7496473bbbdb076064be06304
Signed-off-by: Bernd Mueller <>
2 years ago
Zuul a594bc0451 Merge "more details where to find the iso-image-create script" 2 years ago
Zuul 8400b618a2 Merge "Build and publish arm64 debian based ipa ramdisk" 2 years ago
Riccardo Pittau b1af22174b Build and publish arm64 debian based ipa ramdisk
Change-Id: Ic9a79fe9192ae09b13d7722dd5735ffc7709ce38
2 years ago
Bernd Mueller 4d474c7471 more details where to find the iso-image-create script
Signed-off-by: Bernd Mueller <>
Change-Id: I4eb6e273c6c19dc9fdde6b0b13d46adc8557e2b6
2 years ago
Zuul 9dd67d4e86 Merge "new element burn-in for package stress-ng, added fio" 2 years ago
Zuul 349e00e7cc Merge "Bump pip for tinyipa to 21.3.1" 2 years ago
Riccardo Pittau 44b95bc047 Bump pip for tinyipa to 21.3.1
It is currently the latest stable version

Change-Id: I7a93122fbac109357c210e3c4830e6527465c302
2 years ago
Riccardo Pittau de007a80af Associate pip version to python version in DIB based images
Use current latest version of pip for Python 3.x

For Python 2.x use the last pip version to support it [1].


Change-Id: I7384beb16d3810ddede51e6e2660bb826bd47415
2 years ago
Bernd Mueller 09640d3d0f new element burn-in for package stress-ng, added fio
Signed-off-by: Bernd Mueller <>

Change-Id: I244d7fdfa4967199be15a3669421b31992ff6044
2 years ago
OpenStack Release Bot bffece3c14 Update master for stable/xena
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: Idb2e6fe598fa3ca185423f237bd048fe787cf176
2 years ago
Julia Kreger 47ca82775c Support non-genisoimage binaries
Updates tinyipa build script so it can use one of the multiple
different ISO filesystem generation tools in the ecosystem.

Also updates the dib docs which states IPA requires genisoimage,
which is... not... true.

Change-Id: I505aed2ec98674a0495174219609694042d59070
2 years ago
Zuul 8f8cff29b5 Merge "Remove support for iSCSI deploy from the DIB builder" 2 years ago
Zuul af5f55496a Merge "Use Ubuntu Focal instead of the default Bionic" 2 years ago
Zuul 9e2af38300 Merge "Preliminary work to support CentOS 9 Stream" 2 years ago
Zuul 68ba6f33c9 Merge "Stop explicitly supported Fedora" 2 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 001100e2e2 Remove support for iSCSI deploy from the DIB builder
... but keep support for iscsistart used by iBFT.

Change-Id: I8e892b505d39197dbfffc8d47408b4747679cc85
2 years ago