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Dmitry Tantsur d7c121ab92 Avoid empty dependencies in tox.ini
Specifying only constraints does not work, there must be some real deps.
Add documentation deps since the documented way to use reno is via
`tox -evenv -- reno`.

Change-Id: I68182adbac4eaadc2fbb2c70b27683c5589103bf
2021-03-09 12:29:50 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau 55972ab6fb Reconfigure tox.ini
Update minversion of tox to 3.9.0 to support inline comments [1]

Remove test-requirements and move pep8 requirements to tox.ini


Change-Id: I5875b1ab383fef4bc49432e678e38941a7f5763e
2021-01-23 18:52:04 +01:00
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira dc090b273a Add doc/requirements
We need to specify doc requirements in doc/requirements.txt
to avoid problems with the pip resolver for the release team.
Removed specific doc requirements from test-requirements.txt

Change-Id: Ibeb6253046787a7a0768879067facaaeb0137cdb
2021-01-06 15:46:09 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau bceeea1b0a Use more generic TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE
UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE is deprecated[1], we should start using the
new better shiny TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE instead.
Also this should fix broken tinyipa jobs after this[2] change merged.


Change-Id: I99762e25133967c31679d2962607b2bf30459af5
2020-11-04 13:07:29 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 654e9c729e Set min version of tox to 3.2.1
As recommended, since version 3.2.0 tox switches pip invocations
to use the module -m pip instead of direct invocation.
We set min version to 3.2.1 [1] to also fix the behavior of


Change-Id: I79338f6a5c67e189dfd6783ab40d2e6bd7d8b628
2020-07-15 15:43:52 +02:00
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 53d67f38df Update tox.ini
Bump minversion to 3.1.0 so we can use `ignore_basepython_conflict`
Added ignore_basepython_conflict, this will ensure we are testing with
the correct python version, see [1] for more details.


Change-Id: I2a13efdd19da8eb114b1dd510f32bf0d78110c8b
2020-05-11 19:54:57 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger 9fddc46bdc Cleanup py27 support
This repo is now testing only with Python 3, so let's make
a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Switch to using sphinx-build
- Cleanup doc/source/ to remove now obsolete content.
- Use newer openstackdocstheme version
- Remove install_command from tox.ini, the default is fine
- Update hacking to version 3

Change-Id: I7e9e3993aeb05fb623be531160e418572fa9de54
2020-04-16 18:52:41 +02:00
Madhuri Kumari 55aaf172b1 Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping the py2.7 support in ussuri cycle.

ironic-python-agent-builder is ready with python 3 and ok to drop
the python 2.7 support.

Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal -

Change-Id: I4dc5fe4cbb2ec4e604e18f77da4b5723ab7f9c2b
2019-11-23 18:39:21 +05:30
pengyuesheng 3195471e80 Update the constraints url
For more detail, see

Change-Id: Ibbc7c119d635edb74c59d1999c3ae39b1195e943
2019-09-25 14:57:46 +08:00
Zuul 7e1581bc06 Merge "Build pdf doc" 2019-09-09 14:42:50 +00:00
Kaifeng Wang cea462b0e4 Build pdf doc
The is one of community goals that each project could produce a
single PDF file. The pdf should be in the output of openstack-tox-docs

TeX packages are required to build PDF locally, following is recommended:

* inkscape
* texlive-latex-base
* texlive-latex-extra
* texlive-fonts-recommended

More about the goal:

Change-Id: Ic036194e33224be9341dbde901c4ba4717ccbbc8
2019-09-05 14:31:51 +08:00
Dmitry Tantsur c56bffbefe Make ironic-python-agent-builder packaging-friendly
* Install dib files to /usr/share (tinyipa TBD later)
* Add an executable that can be installed into /usr/bin

Since we now have python code, make pep8 operational.

Change-Id: I9235885485833c4011e42da6db01e150821bd8da
2019-08-12 15:28:34 +02:00
zhulingjie 13f4f483da Replace URLs with URLs
Change-Id: Ic1b2673587a207e4f075a0bcbe9ec256aa3a0c35
2019-04-23 09:09:06 +00:00
Doug Hellmann 57aa973d42 fix tox python3 overrides
We want to default to running all tox environments under python 3, so
set the basepython value in each environment.

We do not want to specify a minor version number, because we do not
want to have to update the file every time we upgrade python.

We do not want to set the override once in testenv, because that
breaks the more specific versions used in default environments like
py35 and py36.

Change-Id: I2dcdaa2452f30bd597407796945a79ed640eec59
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-09-26 18:54:35 -04:00
Dmitry Tantsur 77c8f45838 Initial structure
Change-Id: If014272a204953da387855e2666f01d4e9229eaa
2017-11-03 14:34:47 +01:00