Scripts and tools to build ironic-python-agent
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if [ "${DIB_DEBUG_TRACE:-0}" -gt 0 ]; then
set -x
set -eu
set -o pipefail
rm -rf /tmp/ironic-python-agent
# In Centos Stream, /lib is linked to /lib/firmware, so the first
# loop will likely go ahead and remove everything, but the || true
# below will keep it from erroring.
KNOWN_FIRMWARE_PATH="/lib/firmware/ /usr/lib/firmware/"
for folder in $KNOWN_FIRMWARE_PATH; do
for item in ${IPA_REMOVE_FIRMWARE//,/ }; do
# Attempt removal of item, but don't error
# if it is not present already.
rm -rf $folder$item || true
# TODO(dtantsur): implement the same for debian-based systems
case "$DISTRO_NAME" in
${YUM:-yum} remove -y postfix gcc make
${YUM:-yum} clean all
# Rebuilding the rpm database after removing packages will reduce
# its size
rpm --rebuilddb