Scripts and tools to build ironic-python-agent
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COMMON_PACKAGES="wget unzip sudo gawk"
APT_PACKAGES="${COMMON_PACKAGES} python3-pip squashfs-tools"
ZYPPER_PACKAGES="${COMMON_PACKAGES} python3-pip squashfs"
echo "Installing dependencies:"
# first zypper in case zypper-aptitude is installed
if [ -x "/usr/bin/zypper" ]; then
sudo -E zypper -n install -l ${ZYPPER_PACKAGES}
elif [ -x "/usr/bin/apt-get" ]; then
sudo -E apt-get update
sudo -E apt-get install -y ${APT_PACKAGES}
elif [ -x "/usr/bin/dnf" ]; then
sudo -E dnf install -y ${YUM_PACKAGES}
elif [ -x "/usr/bin/yum" ]; then
sudo -E yum install -y ${YUM_PACKAGES}
echo "No supported package manager installed on system. Supported: apt, yum, dnf, zypper"
exit 1