Scripts and tools to build ironic-python-agent
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Fedor Tarasenko 9f88a024c7 predictible ifnames 2 years ago
.placeholder Initial structure 5 years ago
add-efibootmgr-d2a456de6b999612.yaml Add efibootmgr 3 years ago
add-efivar-f83fdf2d797396dc.yaml Add efivar 3 years ago
add-ntpdate-3db2f8565fed761e.yaml Add ntpdate/ntpclient/chrony 3 years ago
add-nvme-cli-590e42735476a549.yaml Add nvme-cli package to IPA image 2 years ago
centos7-python3-185f1d35c37096c7.yaml Support installing with Python 3 on CentOS 7 2 years ago
centos8-46a95956fd871c90.yaml Replace CentOS 7 images with CentOS 8 3 years ago
debian-firmware-1927601ebb779bc4.yaml Make the debian job voting and start publishing debian images 2 years ago
dhcp-predictible-ifnames-b2a1d9e6471b6819.yaml predictible ifnames 2 years ago
drop-python2-534124afa50f62dd.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 3 years ago
excess-firmware-removal-debian-06c49a8604122b1c.yaml Remove firmware from debian based systems 2 years ago
extra-hardware-73e3c9b5a0143bfa.yaml Add an element to install python-hardware 2 years ago
ironic-lib-6a16f13fc6ec9a50.yaml Support installing ironic-lib from source 2 years ago
ironic-ramdisk-base-3bfb9b90ad416891.yaml Add ironic-ramdisk-base to build general-purpose ramdisks 2 years ago
linux-firmware-9a6f8a9a32c5719d.yaml Install linux-firmware in DIB images 2 years ago
lzma-bf4552b98dd5824a.yaml Support using lzma for initramfs compression 2 years ago
no-firmware-e2cb953037a3be8f.yaml Add additional firmware images to be excluded 2 years ago
no-sdparm-f77de72b5c0d7859.yaml Removes unnecessary requirement of sdparm 2 years ago
remove-PYOPTIMIZE_TINYIPA-ebde63911d140209.yaml Remove PYOPTIMIZE_TINYIPA capability 2 years ago
selinux-permissive-a059f42bb66373a1.yaml Force SELinux to be in permissive mode 2 years ago