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Dmitry Tantsur e73786af90 Switch to image building jobs from ironic-python-agent-builder
Change-Id: I50a9f9dc15f3a782aaf4b8c4096a418136f4ebd4
4 years ago
Nisha Brahmankar dd7e7fdd1a Removes tinyipa from IPA
Change-Id: I56f7c9abdae1f406de1e086fdc0cac8bebca0e3c
Task: 33745
Story: 2005114
4 years ago
Sam Betts 632c7e6d31 Add tinyipa to IPA imagebuild directory
TinyCoreLinux is a small 10mb base linux distribution which can easily
be built into a ramdisk for PXE and ISO booting. This patch adds scripts
and other required files to build a TinyCore based ramdisk which runs
the Ironic Python Agent.

Change-Id: I79fbec75de19b3d6feb19f87a3a0f662eae42bf3
7 years ago
Mike Heald d26bb42059 Converted documentation in md format to rst
Change-Id: I88c642a24fb032b6e0920c8ba378127f8e12116c
Closes-Bug: 1332741
9 years ago