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Zuul 088610844a Merge "update NVIDIA NIC firmware images and settings by ironic-python-agent" 2023-01-31 19:35:53 +00:00
Zuul c12135911a Merge "Make logs collection a hardware manager call" 2023-01-26 16:26:42 +00:00
Zuul 7f687a1734 Merge "Readd usedevelop true to tox.ini" 2023-01-26 09:28:56 +00:00
Jay Faulkner f8fc7e52f3 Make reno ignore bugfix eol tags
Reno was assuming all tags ending in -eol represented an old, EOL'd
stable branch. That's not true for Ironic projects which have bugfix
branches. Update the regexp to exclude those branches.

Co-Authored-By: Adam McArthur <>
Change-Id: I265969ab40a98a02962c2fc8460b6519ab576f99
2023-01-25 13:18:01 -08:00
Dmitry Tantsur c26f498f49 Make logs collection a hardware manager call
This allows hardware managers to collect additional logs.

Change-Id: If082b921d4bf71c4cc41a5a72db6995b08637374
2023-01-25 15:17:06 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau f2b4ac8751 Readd usedevelop true to tox.ini
This avoid using sdist, which is the wanted behavior

Change-Id: Ibfb867ee0ff8274130a19538aa7ff9b9296dc4e1
2023-01-25 14:40:21 +01:00
waleed mousa 2c7f95e3ac update NVIDIA NIC firmware images and settings by ironic-python-agent
Add "update_nvidia_nic_firmware_image" and "update_nvidia_nic_firmware_settings"
clean steps to MellanoxDeviceHardwareManager.

By adding those two steps, we can update the firmware image and
firmware settings of NVIDIA NICs by ironic-python-agent using
manual cleaning command
The clean steps require mstflint package installed on the image.
The "update_nvidia_nic_firmware_image" clean step requires to pass
"images" parameter to the clean command
The "images" parameter is a json blob contains
a list of images, where each image contains a map of:
  * url: to firmware image (file://, http://)
  * checksum: checksum of the provided image
  * checksumType: md5/sha512/sha256
  * componentFlavor: PSID of the nic
  * version: version of the FW

The "update_nvidia_nic_firmware_settings" clean step requires to pass
"settings" parameter to the clean command
The "settings" parameter is a json blob contains
a list of settings, where each settings contains a map of:
  * deviceID: device ID
  * globalConfig: global config
  * function0Config: function 0 config
  * function1Config: function 1 config

Change-Id: Icfaffd7c58c3c73c3fa28cfc2a6c954d2c93c16e
Story: 2010228
Task: 46016
2023-01-11 14:00:07 +00:00
Zuul 06413e54a0 Merge "modify error word node" 2023-01-04 16:12:42 +00:00
Jay Faulkner 7f69144886 Remove old, unused file
This should've been removed with the rest of the contents of imagebuild/

Change-Id: I2ce3ad155d2963352daa5ea8d983d35e8f41eb19
2023-01-03 12:45:50 -08:00
Riccardo Pittau 39b6553161 Fix for tox4 and setuptools
- Disable auto discovery in setuptools
This is to avoid issues with latest setuptools after version 61.0
For more info see [1]
- add bash script to allowlist in tox.ini
- use default size for vm memory


Change-Id: Iae24917add1aae6b1ed46dba0d2c270b39c5698c
2023-01-02 14:40:35 +01:00
liuyuanfeng 1846d6f776 modify error word node
Change-Id: Ie5c9fa7489eb891ef1bbe57c7d51ecb64e1c0db8
2022-12-30 01:18:36 -08:00
Zuul 5c0eab351c Merge "Fix create configuration unit tests" 2022-12-16 15:34:59 +00:00
Jay Faulkner 3ded705e56 Fixes for tox 4.0
- passenv needed better structure
- usedevelop no longer allowed alongside skipsdist

Change-Id: I22dae3b1e4cca2dc328c21e889acf7fe98a80e0b
2022-12-15 10:20:43 -08:00
Riccardo Pittau 604c7081db Fix create configuration unit tests
The unit tests for create_configuration give different result if
ran on a bios or uefi booted machine because they get the
partition table type value based on the utils function
Let's mock the boot_mode as we do in other tests to get an
independent result.

Change-Id: Ic0e7daea7ec4ce0806cd126c27166f84690c5d9e
2022-12-15 11:49:34 +01:00
Zuul a1670753a2 Merge "Fix failure of bind mount in _install_grub2" 2022-10-17 23:46:05 +00:00
Zuul 929ae3dd28 Merge "prioritize lsblk as a source of device serials" 2022-10-14 16:02:51 +00:00
Zuul 29c03cadc3 Merge "Update release versions for yoga" 2022-10-14 01:13:07 +00:00
Rozzii 830fdfa4c6
prioritize lsblk as a source of device serials
The current way of prioritizing ID/DM_SERIAL_SHORT or ID/DM_SERIAL works
in most cases but the udev values seem to be unreliable.

Based on experience it looks like lsblk might be a better
source of truth than udev in regerards to serial number
information. This commit makes lsblk the default provider
of block device serial number information.

Story: 2010263
Task: 46161

Change-Id: I16039b46676f1a61b32ee7ca7e6d526e65829113
2022-10-10 19:31:47 +03:00
OpenStack Release Bot 43748af791 Switch to 2023.1 Python3 unit tests and generic template name
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for antelope. Also,
updating the template name to generic one.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: I91232b32f26842802fc42c1d9e28a6ea791ecb7b
2022-09-23 08:41:54 +00:00
OpenStack Release Bot 1132128252 Update master for stable/zed
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: Iff9b5efee0b436357d5cae3909a89cd09d5e6070
2022-09-23 08:41:52 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau cdd6b4f5ac Update release versions for yoga
Change-Id: I06d14bc499a7c081fe73b68de6c49e2f1bc51dc5
2022-09-23 09:05:53 +02:00
Vanou Ishii 0bf579c955 Fix failure of bind mount in _install_grub2
When IPA runs _install_grub2, IPA tries to bind mount /dev, /proc and /run
to <temporal directory path root partition mounted>/{dev,proc,run}.
However that bind mount fails because there aren't such mount point path
under temporal directory.
To fix this failure, this patch add mkdir command before bind mount.

Story: 2010292
Task: 46273
Change-Id: I434ce1bf1863ee0f11c4d09918d6d2d8dc065c02
2022-09-22 19:34:12 +09:00
Zuul c1ea3f7145 Merge "add openstack-python3-zed-jobs-arm64 job" 2022-09-20 21:05:23 +00:00
Jakub Jelinek a99bf274e4 SoftwareRAID: Enable skipping RAIDS
Extend the ability to skip disks to RAID devices
This allows users to specify the volume name of
a logical device in the skip list which is then not cleaned
or created again during the create/apply configuration phase
The volume name can be specified in target raid config provided
the change

Story: 2010233

Change-Id: Ib9290a97519bc48e585e1bafb0b60cc14e621e0f
2022-09-05 20:43:51 +00:00
Zuul ed6a8d28b7 Merge "Create RAIDs with volume name" 2022-09-02 19:26:57 +00:00
Jakub Jelinek daa20b01d1 Create RAIDs with volume name
Use 'volume_name' field from 'target_raid_config' to create logical
disks if it is present
Do not allow two logical disks to have the same volume name

Change-Id: If3e4e9f8698ec3e0cb49717f8ed2087d2ba03f2c
2022-09-02 14:51:42 +00:00
likui 73b23f2597 add openstack-python3-zed-jobs-arm64 job
This is a non-voting job to validate py3 unittests on ARM64

Change-Id: I608d2e4e9e378b1f6e33a7e1a2cdc1c0bab7ec5c
2022-08-29 11:42:01 +08:00
Julia Kreger 4359c1e8ad Trivial: Fix reno for software raid fix
Fixes the release note for

Change-Id: I9971d12665f2c8a4fdfe82911c6173021d03ddc0
2022-08-25 08:16:16 -07:00
Zuul ef5d9da134 Merge "Fix software raid output poisoning" 2022-08-25 14:54:29 +00:00
Julia Kreger f3e3de8097 Fix software raid output poisoning
In the event a device name is set to contain a raid device path,
it is possible for the Name and Events field values of mdadm's
detailed output to contain text which inadvertently gets captured and
mapped as component data for the "holder" devices of the RAID set.

This would cause invalid values to get passed to UEFI methods
which would cause a deployment to fail under these circumstances.

We now ignore the Name and Events fields in mdadm output.

Change-Id: If721dfe1caa5915326482969e55fbf4697538231
2022-08-24 10:15:27 -07:00
niuke 4bf88b204f remove unicode prefix from code
Change-Id: I70f0112f1ee3066ffd9316d10b84b9ea5b7fc306
2022-08-23 19:44:10 +08:00
Zuul f89d54f4b8 Merge "Improve function list_block_devices_check_skip_list" 2022-08-17 12:47:45 +00:00
Jakub Jelinek 1ac61e1dbd Improve function list_block_devices_check_skip_list
Fix minor issues suggested by dtantsur
Add an example of skip list specification to the documentation

A follow-up patch to I3bdad3cca8acb3e0a69ebb218216e8c8419e9d65

Change-Id: Ic94a33b7bc0572a1cc8f92b330474ec63a173e81
2022-08-16 15:17:15 +00:00
Zuul 3a4baa637f Merge "Enable skipping disks for cleaning" 2022-08-16 11:49:48 +00:00
Jakub Jelinek 0212337bd5 Enable skipping disks for cleaning
Introduce a field skip_block_devices in properties - this is a list of dictionaries
Create a helper function list_block_devices_check_skip_list
Update tests of erase_devices_express to use node when calling _list_erasable_devices
Add tests covering various options of the skip list definition
Use the helper function in get_os_install_device when node is cached

Story: 2009914

Change-Id: I3bdad3cca8acb3e0a69ebb218216e8c8419e9d65
2022-08-11 09:30:00 +00:00
Zuul eb2215090a Merge "Use lsblk json output for safety_check_block_device" 2022-08-03 23:47:17 +00:00
Jakub Jelinek e196fdfb62 Remove unused lines of code
The 5 lines of code were extracted from erase_devices_metadata to _list_erasable_devices, but now are duplicated in both functions.
The variable block_devices is not used in erase_devices_metadata.

Change-Id: I89f56c69d90fb0eb61907d6667266fbd57d333af
2022-07-20 10:00:53 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau b5fac66bc3 Use lsblk json output for safety_check_block_device
Change-Id: Ibfc2e203287d92e66567c33dc48f59392852b88e
2022-07-20 11:56:27 +02:00
Zuul 21b21a5f15 Merge "Guard shared device/cluster filesystems" 2022-07-20 08:23:55 +00:00
Julia Kreger beb7484858 Guard shared device/cluster filesystems
Certain filesystems are sometimes used in specialty computing
environments where a shared storage infrastructure or fabric exists.
These filesystems allow for multi-host shared concurrent read/write
access to the underlying block device by *not* locking the entire
device for exclusive use. Generally ranges of the disk are reserved
for each interacting node to write to, and locking schemes are used
to prevent collissions.

These filesystems are common for use cases where high availability
is required or ability for individual computers to collaborate on a
given workload is critical, such as a group of hypervisors supporting
virtual machines because it can allow for nearly seamless transfer
of workload from one machine to another.

Similar technologies are also used for cluster quorum and cluster
durable state sharing, however that is not specifically considered
in scope.

Where things get difficult is becuase the entire device is not
exclusively locked with the storage fabrics, and in some cases locking
is handled by a Distributed Lock Manager on the network, or via special
sector interactions amongst the cluster members which understand
and support the filesystem.

As a reult of this IO/Interaction model, an Ironic-Python-Agent
performing cleaning can effectively destroy the cluster just by
attempting to clean storage which it percieves as attached locally.
This is not IPA's fault, often this case occurs when a Storage
Administrator forgot to update LUN masking or volume settings on
a SAN as it relates to an individual host in the overall
computing environment. The net result of one node cleaning the
shared volume may include restoration from snapshot, backup
storage, or may ultimately cause permenant data loss, depending
on the environment and the usage of that environment.

Included in this patch:
- IBM GPFS - Can be used on a shared block device... apparently according
             to IBM's documentation. The standard use of GPFS is more Ceph
             like in design... however GPFS is also a specially licensed
             commercial offering, so it is a red flag if this is
             encountered, and should be investigated by the environment's
             systems operator.
- Red Hat GFS2 - Is used with shared common block devices in clusters.
- VMware VMFS - Is used with shared SAN block devices, as well as
                local block devices. With shared block devices,
                ranges of the disk are locked instead of the whole
                disk, and the ranges are mapped to virtual machine
                disk interfaces.
                It is unknown, due to lack of information, if this
                will detect and prevent erasure of VMFS logical
                extent volumes.

Co-Authored-by: Jay Faulkner <>
Change-Id: Ic8cade008577516e696893fdbdabf70999c06a5b
Story: 2009978
Task: 44985
2022-07-19 13:24:03 -07:00
Dmitry Tantsur 6a1334a068 Drop support for instance netboot
Change-Id: I2b4c543537dac8904028fdcdb590c1c214238e10
2022-07-07 16:38:22 +02:00
Zuul 0bd39c41cf Merge "CI: Removing ironic job queue" 2022-07-05 18:10:42 +00:00
Zuul 5129eb4933 Merge "Fix passing kwargs in clean steps" 2022-07-04 13:56:52 +00:00
Zuul 724db69193 Merge "Drop python2 from bindep.txt" 2022-07-02 03:09:24 +00:00
Zuul ccf4ee31cf Merge "Gather details about bond interfaces if present" 2022-07-02 02:56:46 +00:00
Zuul 7d15efd7a6 Merge "Remove oslo.serialization dependency" 2022-07-02 02:56:44 +00:00
Zuul 0cf5959f67 Merge "Collect udev properties in the ramdisk logs" 2022-07-02 00:37:35 +00:00
waleedm eb07839bd4 Fix passing kwargs in clean steps
Pass kwargs to dispatch_to_managers method in execute_clean_step

Change-Id: Ida4ed4646659b2ee3f8f92b0a4d73c0266dd5a99
Story: 2010123
Task: 45705
2022-07-01 23:03:55 +00:00
Zuul a9de7f80cc Merge "Use json for lsblk output" 2022-06-30 23:38:15 +00:00
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy d8a6bf5f61 Drop python2 from bindep.txt
IPA dropped support for Python2 long ago,
and now Python2 is not even available in newer distros,
breaking installation if IPA binary dependencies.

Change-Id: I75a618f94de58f6de2bd96b37de1894bb0e61998
2022-06-30 23:33:05 +00:00