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Riccardo Pittau 39b6553161 Fix for tox4 and setuptools
- Disable auto discovery in setuptools
This is to avoid issues with latest setuptools after version 61.0
For more info see [1]
- add bash script to allowlist in tox.ini
- use default size for vm memory


Change-Id: Iae24917add1aae6b1ed46dba0d2c270b39c5698c
2023-01-02 14:40:35 +01:00
OpenStack Release Bot 43748af791 Switch to 2023.1 Python3 unit tests and generic template name
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for antelope. Also,
updating the template name to generic one.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: I91232b32f26842802fc42c1d9e28a6ea791ecb7b
2022-09-23 08:41:54 +00:00
likui 73b23f2597 add openstack-python3-zed-jobs-arm64 job
This is a non-voting job to validate py3 unittests on ARM64

Change-Id: I608d2e4e9e378b1f6e33a7e1a2cdc1c0bab7ec5c
2022-08-29 11:42:01 +08:00
Dmitry Tantsur 6a1334a068 Drop support for instance netboot
Change-Id: I2b4c543537dac8904028fdcdb590c1c214238e10
2022-07-07 16:38:22 +02:00
Zuul 0bd39c41cf Merge "CI: Removing ironic job queue" 2022-07-05 18:10:42 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau b8d01d31a2 Add ipa-tox-examples job to gate
The ipa-tox-examples job is voting but it's missing from gate

Change-Id: Ie47066084172d8e06eb1f6f097b0354b3b800612
2022-05-31 09:41:41 +02:00
Zuul 9dca97736f Merge "Add a metalsmith job with legacy boot" 2022-05-30 13:05:45 +00:00
Julia Kreger be5d1463bb CI: Removing ironic job queue
Please see:

Change-Id: I341b8a2220a49c5a7c3f78fed3a1baa0f0638cde
2022-05-19 11:20:23 -07:00
Zuul 2c22e60b45 Merge "Remove support for distributions with Python 3.6" 2022-05-17 12:01:51 +00:00
Dmitry Tantsur 21b075cd3f Add a metalsmith job with legacy boot
With netboot removal, this will be the only job that tests local legacy
boot with partition images.

Change-Id: Id3f165286cfc47dcf45c042115a63804a0c671e8
2022-05-17 12:51:43 +02:00
Dmitry Tantsur 5916e7af21 Remove support for distributions with Python 3.6
IPA can no longer be installed on them, other projects will follow.

Change-Id: I945520d912564be610cee3990bad827549747904
2022-05-12 11:55:28 +02:00
Riccardo Pittau f1d45a60e7 Drop lower-constraints.txt and its testing
As discussed in TC PTG[1] and TC resolution[2], we are
dropping the lower-constraints.txt file and its testing.
We will keep lower bounds in the requirements.txt file but
with a note that these are not tested lower bounds and we
try our best to keep them updated.


Change-Id: I16ea0a61c018d03d6c23e0b0736295a36b6dd367
2022-05-10 09:46:19 +02:00
OpenStack Release Bot f9a7871ea0 Add Python3 zed unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for zed.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: I25719dcd3035816d934b806ae129051df322bf9c
2022-03-23 14:34:08 +00:00
Zuul db981d07a4 Merge "CI: be explicit that the jobs are using the DIB ramdisk" 2022-03-12 04:12:04 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 96673b1829 Add non-voting dib CentOS Stream 9 job
We recently enabled voting CS9 jobs in ipa-builder, let's also add the
same check job here.

Change-Id: Iaf2e56e0a1f6ca35272bcaedf3cb73273080b7ef
2022-03-10 09:09:32 +01:00
Dmitry Tantsur 48f30ab528 Stop defaulting the standalone job to netboot; use the correct boot mode
Its configuration must match one in Ironic, and netboot does not work
with whole disk images under UEFI.

Fix the boot mode of the BIOS job: it was running in UEFI.

Change-Id: Ia207e80bbfc30f8d2891e11bbeda7b2ab0d617c0
2022-02-21 18:55:41 +01:00
Dmitry Tantsur 56c20a7e57 CI: be explicit that the jobs are using the DIB ramdisk
Currently it requires tracing the jobs up to the ironic's devstack
plugin. Be explicit.

Change-Id: I19d0e680b0025bda22709c5a4fff9eacb5b4b1d0
2022-02-03 18:40:56 +01:00
Dmitry Tantsur b921b76167 Make the standalone job voting again
We forgot to revert it. This job covers software RAID and manual
cleaning, so it's very important to avoid regressions, even if it costs
us some rechecks from time to time.

Change-Id: I2446afeaca866ffc3131b5e9f266526f35fc5ed7
2022-02-01 10:14:48 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau c31835e248 Use only Yoga tests
TC has decided to keep support for Python 3.6 during the Yoga cycle.
For more info see [1]


Change-Id: Icfe518fafa2b012e034a2e8ff18c242843df0086
2021-12-03 08:56:39 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau 87a42cc887 Test python 3.6 for distributions compatibility
As discussed during the ironic meeting on 29/11/2021, the community has
decided to continue testing the code against Python 3.6 to keep
compatibility with distributions that have native support for it, such
as CentOS Stream 8, Ubuntu Bionic, Debian 10, and openSuse Leap, at
least until it's possible and reasonable considering the support granted
from other dependencies and libraries, and not beyond the Yoga cycle.

Change-Id: I97ad7c4acdb278e2849a598c5a02a71fc67cc81a
2021-11-30 10:52:59 +01:00
Dmitry Tantsur abe38a6a5f Fix compatibility with disk_utils.find_efi_partition
This function returns the complete block device record, not just number.
Fixes regression in 89bc73aa01.

Also fix the incorrect job in the gate queue, which prevented us from
catching this issue on merging.

Change-Id: I4cbc359ceabfc193ce18fed14a1952359460e7d9
2021-11-19 14:51:27 +01:00
Julia Kreger ce296a43d6 Remove metalsmith centos7 job
Change-Id: I523382b5b06b479ba34dce5a1dc7262076122514
2021-11-10 11:30:03 -08:00
OpenStack Release Bot 8d901ff0dc Add Python3 yoga unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for yoga.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: Ia08ee369e2925b2c313dcfaa8975fe023ec1c07a
2021-09-22 18:38:17 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 22b538d61c Add lower-constraints job to current development branch
The lower-constraints test was removed because of an issue where pip
could not correctly determine the required packages versions to install,
ending in an almost infinite loop that would end up in timeout, failure,
and general mayhem.
Recently the issue has been fixed and, if properly configured, the
lower-constraints test can provide good indication of which minimum
versions are required to support the current code.
This patch adds the test back to the current development branch, and it
runs only on master.
The lower-constraints file will stay in the future stable branches.

Change-Id: Ic9cef3e56266c6e9de0936b5f113e8b38d705a9b
2021-08-04 11:35:51 +02:00
Dmitry Tantsur 764e29729d Stop testing the iscsi deploy interface
Remove the jobs that are now redundant.

Change-Id: Ic0b7bc509652c23cec85e685d66de368fdc4761d
2021-04-30 17:16:59 +02:00
OpenStack Release Bot fcb65cae18 Add Python3 xena unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for xena.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: Ib3d406de284d5b2211eebb03e71ca92ce93bc01f
2021-03-31 16:54:01 +00:00
Dmitry Tantsur 993f9a0ceb Make the virtual media job voting
Change-Id: I4905c17d2e78ed02e9005ffbd93b036674e6ff51
2021-03-30 12:26:46 +02:00
Dmitry Tantsur afcc5d392c Fix incorrect lsblk tag and add a virtual media job
Follow-up to 8dd6589e66d03e45e1d510601da9531a30842cff: PATH is not a
valid lsblk tag, we need to use KNAME with -p flag.

Also add a vmedia job to avoid breakages in the future. It's added
non-voting because we have a deadlock with this change:

Change-Id: Ifffeac9c1c4d394526d655eaa14c9fe7bd3a1e5e
2021-03-30 12:25:14 +02:00
Riccardo Pittau 45371bfb9e Prepare to use tinycore 12
Tinycore 12 requires some more RAM than its predecessor.

Change-Id: I642ccdcef43361b5648a9652d041ebb6dfe6a0e9
2021-03-04 13:52:09 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau 78b356cd44 Remove lower-constraints job
As discussed during the upstream ironic community meeting on
Monday Dec 14 2020, the lower-constraints job is being removed.

Change-Id: Ide0f6c38a59ae6486fa33cfb19b383d022e57d5a
2020-12-15 18:41:36 +01:00
Zuul d84e88769e Merge "Don't run os-prober from grub2-mkconfig" 2020-11-01 12:27:07 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau c3ab4a7ca7 Remove nodeset option
The ironic-ipa-base is based on ironic-base that is already running
on ubuntu focal, non need to specify nodeset for those jobs that
are based on it.

Change-Id: I7ffb920442d5e33ef5014152b72b9ac32e367047
2020-10-29 15:39:19 +01:00
Riccardo Pittau 1f15a10c6a Run dib ipa src jobs on ubuntu focal
Also disabling dstat in all focal based jobs because of
Plus including increase of alloc memory to increase job
success rate, original change from [1]
And re-enabling ipa-tempest-bios-ipmi-direct-src and


Co-authored-by: Julia Kreger <>

Change-Id: Ia154745b71c17063eeaaabeb56950ab1cc9ce927
2020-10-27 21:31:05 +01:00
Julia Kreger a67807b9b6 Mark standalone job non-voting/remove from gate
The standalone job at present has a high chance of failure
due to two separate things occuring:

1) The deployed nodes from raid tests can be left in a dirty state
   as the raid configuration remains and is chosen as the root
   device for the next deployment. IF this is chosen by any job,
   such as rescue or a deployment test that attempts to login,
   then the job fails with unable to ssh. The fix for this is
   in the ironic-tempest-plugin but we need to get other fixes
   into stablilize the gate first.
2) Long running scenarios run in cleaning such as deployment with
   RAID in the standalone suite can encounter conditions where
   the conductor tries to send the next command along before the
   present configuration command has completed. An example is
   downloading the image is still running, while a heartbeat
   has occured in the background and the conductor then seeks
   to perform a second action. This then causes the entire
   deployment to fail, even though it was transitory.
   This should be a relatively easy fix.

Also disabling ipa-tempest-bios-ipmi-direct-src and
ipa-tempest-bios-ipmi-iscsi-src for the time being, will revert

Change-Id: I08c8c258587dd3786dfa92e7879a80c80971d7df
2020-10-27 21:28:08 +01:00
Julia Kreger 6542a9cb04 Don't run os-prober from grub2-mkconfig
By default, grub2-mkconfig scans everything to look for other
environments and then load those into the grub configuration.

It makes sense, but on newer versions of grub2 in distribution
images, os-prober is taking an exceptionally long time in some
cases where more than one storage device exists with other

As a result, of the os-prober execution by grub2-mkconfig, the
bootloader installation can completely time out and fail the
deployment. This is presently experienced with metalsmith on

There are numerous sporatic reports of issues like this issue
where grub2-mkconfig hangs for some period of time, and this is
observable on Centos8.2 in our CI. While one report[0] mentions
this issue, Another bug [1] has the dialog that actually helps us
frame the context as to what we likely should do.

Also, fixes the unit testing so we actually test if we're running
with grub2. :\


Change-Id: I14bf299afef3a1ddb2006fe5f182d7f0d249e734
2020-10-22 22:28:07 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 5c99f60083 Use focal for tinyipa src jobs used by ipa-builder
We can use focal here but we need to disable dstat because of

Change-Id: I2c013e871fc56aa0077656dfc76de9aad6bed83f
2020-10-06 17:43:03 +02:00
Riccardo Pittau 13de98bd98 Use bionic nodeset for DIB centos src jobs
We'll keep using bionic as nodeset for certain jobs because of limitations
in DIB when building centos images.
DIB uses yum-tools to prepare the chroot environment, but the package is
not present in ubuntu focal because of lack of Python 2.x support.

Change-Id: I8635b7dfa6910c1721b89739d4d51fa7df488432
2020-10-06 15:16:28 +02:00
OpenStack Release Bot 3ddca46131 Add Python3 wallaby unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for wallaby.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: Ib5cfc3be530851be8e426693c668f3ebcab2ecb3
2020-10-01 18:42:43 +00:00
Zuul 6cb781b24e Merge "Remove unused jobs" 2020-09-23 22:32:42 +00:00
Julia Kreger afb521d18e CI: Lower memory usage of VMs/Increase swap
The IPA images we presently build/use for centos are
now smaller than their peak size a few months ago.

As such, we should be able to reduce that memory footprint
and still execcute all of the necessary tests without any

Also increases the amount of swap to 8GB as the infra
default is now 1GB.

Change-Id: I5705f1f2504803a049ed88a0d8b1d6d0bbccf9e4
2020-09-22 06:09:07 -07:00
Zuul f45d2cc0e7 Merge "Move ironic-standalone-ipa-src to Ubuntu Focal" 2020-09-14 12:52:42 +00:00
Zuul a597117541 Merge "Prepare to move ipa-builder jobs" 2020-09-11 21:07:58 +00:00
Dmitry Tantsur 9b75453339 Fix and run the correct functional tests job
Apparently, functional-py36 just runs unit tests.

Fix the test that has regressed in the meantime and make it voting
so that we don't regress again.

Change-Id: Id5efe89a12a00c27e6299380a51cdb840285d691
2020-09-04 17:10:41 +02:00
Riccardo Pittau 63513aeb6f Remove unused jobs
Also add some info on external projects that use current jobs.


Change-Id: Ifeffebf2264993e1773a1e9867380523ec49a93f
2020-09-03 12:49:08 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 85bd44d6ac Prepare to move ipa-builder jobs
Correctly rename jobs used by ipa-builder

Change-Id: Ia07b23518ea9c7500aaa21d88b72f94f48e97cb6
2020-09-03 14:32:29 +02:00
Riccardo Pittau 700c14c73c Move ironic-standalone-ipa-src to Ubuntu Focal
The ironic-standalone-ipa-src job uses tinyipa, which should be
ready to be moved to use Ubuntu Focal.
This will allow us to move to build tinyipa with tinycore 11 in


Change-Id: I3548ca1ecb16cdefd6e51e379d5d7458e13f9ec4
2020-09-02 16:06:22 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 82c7043f1a Remove experimental jobs
They're not really useful anymore.

Change-Id: I89acdaa38a5c02a1d87e65e4d4e8d0fb5281772f
2020-08-22 11:39:11 +00:00
Zuul 8eb89b8bb7 Merge "Revert "Temporary disable multiple jobs to land CI fixes."" 2020-08-22 11:20:35 +00:00
Julia Kreger d415287af3 Revert "Temporary disable multiple jobs to land CI fixes."
This reverts commit 9ebab1bd34 
as it was only to enable several cross-dependent CI fixes to merge.

Change-Id: If90777d214fe235c89d4a33b649d0722999ef291
2020-08-21 21:51:08 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 2a5ba7ef68 Increase memory for tinyipa jobs
Tinyipa is not that tiny anymore and we need to increase the base
memory for VMs in jobs that use it.


Change-Id: I7e2d93ef566f4f2beb54caf445c7810a01aec1de
2020-08-21 18:34:25 +00:00