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Josh Gachnang 3bc4866a21 Adding DynamicLoopingCall around lookup
Currently, if a single lookup call to the Ironic API fails, the entire
agent errors out and restarts. This allows the agent to retry for a set
amount of time before throwing an uncaught exception forcing a restart.

Change-Id: I39752fb3f42ad3e4f15a49194f1554e1d3463cf8
Closes-Bug: 1297019
9 years ago
Alexander Gordeev aee1555156 Get rid of modes. Introduce pluggable extensions
Allow multiple extensions to be loaded by switching to ExtensionManager
from stevedore. Remove any reference to modes.

Change-Id: Ic160478625226b4dd17bd68b3d37f3b05823e519
9 years ago
Josh Gachnang 234d209729 Removing commented out code 9 years ago
Josh Gachnang 6dc09f3148 Getting the heartbeat from Ironic instead 9 years ago
Josh Gachnang fc043dd1d3 Fixing import order 9 years ago
Josh Gachnang 5914e36b30 Replacing teeth/overlord with ipa/ironic 9 years ago
Josh Gachnang b30d345c2e Renaming to IPA 9 years ago