14 Commits (ee8118423b88f61ed58b0420356ceaed2fa53a40)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Julia Kreger ee8118423b Limit qemu-img execution arenas 4 months ago
Derek Higgins bc13adfa49 Add a call to "udevadm settle" in write_image.sh 5 months ago
Derek Higgins de1e75126a Increase the memory limit for qemu-img 7 months ago
Giulio Fidente bc21b5b140 Clear GPT and MBR headers with dd to avoid sgdisk CRC errors 3 years ago
Olivier Bourdon 5fcf3f066c Fix for fatal error when GPT was used and only MBR was cleaned 3 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 449cda4fed Limit memory usage when running qemu-img convert 5 years ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot c40575e4e0 Add bash scripts style checking for IPA 5 years ago
Shivanand Tendulker 8f5ed3e2f1 Clear GPT and MBR data structures on disk before imaging 6 years ago
Mathieu Mitchell 63851b72ee Use host_device mode for qemu-img 6 years ago
Mathieu Mitchell e53e297a5e Write image directly to disk 7 years ago
Jay Faulkner b43c8c4c4e Fix comments to reflect reality 7 years ago
Jay Faulkner 6d9e9e8ba7 Fix incorrect log statement 7 years ago
Jim Rollenhagen 3c1d52cbb1 Use # instead of """ for copyright blocks 8 years ago
Josh Gachnang b30d345c2e Renaming to IPA 8 years ago
Jay Faulkner 3b9dfcb43f speedup(image): Use dd to write image 8 years ago
Russell Haering e44e5eb6b3 split makefs.sh into two scripts 8 years ago