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# these are needed to compile Python dependencies from sources
python3-all-dev [platform:dpkg !platform:ubuntu-precise test]
python3-devel [platform:rpm test]
build-essential [platform:dpkg test]
libssl-dev [platform:dpkg test]
libffi-dev [platform:dpkg test]
libffi-devel [platform:rpm test]
# these are needed for functional tests
mdadm [test]
parted [test]
# this is needed for compiling translations
gettext [test]
# these are needed to build a deploy ramdisk
gnupg [imagebuild]
squashfs-tools [platform:dpkg platform:redhat imagebuild]
squashfs [platform:suse imagebuild]
libguestfs0 [platform:dpkg imagebuild]
libguestfs [platform:rpm imagebuild]
python-guestfs [platform:dpkg imagebuild]
# for TinyIPA build
wget [imagebuild]
python3-pip [imagebuild]
unzip [imagebuild]
sudo [imagebuild]
gawk [imagebuild]
file [imagebuild]