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Copyright 2013 Rackspace, Inc.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
from ironic_python_agent import encoding
from ironic_python_agent import utils
class RESTError(Exception, encoding.Serializable):
"""Base class for errors generated in ironic-python-client."""
message = 'An error occurred'
details = 'An unexpected error occurred. Please try back later.'
status_code = 500
def serialize(self):
"""Turn a RESTError into a dict."""
return utils.get_ordereddict([
('type', self.__class__.__name__),
('code', self.status_code),
('message', self.message),
('details', self.details),
class InvalidContentError(RESTError):
"""Error which occurs when a user supplies invalid content, either
because that content cannot be parsed according to the advertised
`Content-Type`, or due to a content validation error.
message = 'Invalid request body'
status_code = 400
def __init__(self, details):
self.details = details
class NotFound(RESTError):
"""Error which occurs when a user supplies invalid content, either
because that content cannot be parsed according to the advertised
`Content-Type`, or due to a content validation error.
message = 'Not found'
status_code = 404
details = 'The requested URL was not found.'
class CommandExecutionError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when a command fails to execute."""
message = 'Command execution failed'
def __init__(self, details):
super(CommandExecutionError, self).__init__()
self.details = details
class InvalidCommandError(InvalidContentError):
"""Error which is raised when an unknown command is issued."""
messsage = 'Invalid command'
def __init__(self, details):
super(InvalidCommandError, self).__init__(details)
class InvalidCommandParamsError(InvalidContentError):
"""Error which is raised when command parameters are invalid."""
message = 'Invalid command parameters'
def __init__(self, details):
super(InvalidCommandParamsError, self).__init__(details)
class RequestedObjectNotFoundError(NotFound):
def __init__(self, type_descr, obj_id):
details = '{0} with id {1} not found.'.format(type_descr, obj_id)
super(RequestedObjectNotFoundError, self).__init__(details)
self.details = details
class IronicAPIError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when a call to the agent API fails."""
message = 'Error in call to ironic-api.'
def __init__(self, details):
super(IronicAPIError, self).__init__(details)
self.details = details
class HeartbeatError(IronicAPIError):
"""Error raised when a heartbeat to the agent API fails."""
message = 'Error heartbeating to agent API.'
def __init__(self, details):
super(HeartbeatError, self).__init__(details)
class LookupNodeError(IronicAPIError):
"""Error raised when the node configuration lookup to the Ironic API
message = 'Error getting configuration from Ironic.'
def __init__(self, details):
super(LookupNodeError, self).__init__(details)
class ImageDownloadError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when an image cannot be downloaded."""
message = 'Error downloading image.'
def __init__(self, image_id):
super(ImageDownloadError, self).__init__()
self.details = 'Could not download image with id {0}.'.format(image_id)
class ImageChecksumError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when an image fails to verify against its checksum."""
message = 'Error verifying image checksum.'
def __init__(self, image_id):
super(ImageChecksumError, self).__init__()
self.details = 'Image with id {0} failed to verify against checksum.'
self.details = self.details.format(image_id)
class ImageWriteError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when an image cannot be written to a device."""
message = 'Error writing image to device.'
def __init__(self, exit_code, device):
super(ImageWriteError, self).__init__()
self.details = 'Writing image to device {0} failed with exit code {1}.'
self.details = self.details.format(device, exit_code)
class ConfigDriveWriteError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when a configdrive directory cannot be written to a
message = 'Error writing configdrive to device.'
def __init__(self, exit_code, device):
details = 'Writing configdrive to device {0} failed with exit code ' \
details = details.format(device, exit_code)
super(ConfigDriveWriteError, self).__init__(details)
self.details = details
class SystemRebootError(RESTError):
"""Error raised when a system cannot reboot."""
message = 'Error rebooting system.'
def __init__(self, exit_code):
super(SystemRebootError, self).__init__()
self.details = 'Reboot script failed with exit code {0}.'
self.details = self.details.format(exit_code)