A Python agent for provisioning and deprovisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Arne Wiebalck 7438939400 Re-read the partition table with partx -a 8 months ago
api Make WSGI server respect listen_* directives 2 years ago
cmd Agent token support 2 years ago
extensions Re-read the partition table with partx -a 8 months ago
hardware_managers Fix: make Intel CNA hardware manager none generic 2 years ago
shell Limit qemu-img execution arenas 1 year ago
tests Re-read the partition table with partx -a 8 months ago
__init__.py set EVENTLET_NO_GREENDNS to 'yes' 2 years ago
agent.py Prevent un-needed iscsi cleanup 2 years ago
config.py Option to enable bootloader config failure bypass 1 year ago
dmi_inspector.py Collect processor, memory and BIOS output of dmidecode - follow-up 5 years ago
encoding.py Fix serializing ironic-lib exceptions 2 years ago
errors.py Add an ability to run in-band deploy steps 2 years ago
hardware.py Fix getting memory size in some lshw output 1 year ago
inspect.py Add jitter to inspection command reporting 2 years ago
inspector.py Limit Inspection->Lookup->Heartbeat lag 2 years ago
ironic_api_client.py Fix TypeError on agent lookup failure 2 years ago
netutils.py Get the hostname of the introspected host 3 years ago
numa_inspector.py Skip nic numa_node discovery if it's not assigned to a numa_node 3 years ago
raid_utils.py Increase the ESP partition size to 550 MiB when using software RAID 2 years ago
utils.py Reduce logging verbosity when collecting logs 1 year ago
version.py Add sphinx build + basic documentation 7 years ago