A Python agent for provisioning and deprovisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Zuul ab97415236 Merge "Software RAID: RAID the ESPs" into stable/victoria 4 months ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
Collect_NIC_name_given_by_BIOS-657c68c0ae16365b.yaml Release notes cleanup for Pike release 4 years ago
LLDP-ignore-NICs-that-are-not-plugged-in-29213f0a701a72e4.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
ability-to-disable-secure-erase-c3223262726d5aff.yaml Provide knob to disable ata secure erase 3 years ago
add-coreos-dhcp-rescue-support-1dd8e9d5ac9c7594.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
add-disk-wait-config-opts-fe805292baca8029.yaml Add configuration options for DISK_WAIT 5 years ago
add-hostname-8bbf24712b6a4919.yaml Get the hostname of the introspected host 2 years ago
add-log-extension-35ca22cc0709af4c.yaml Add a log extension 5 years ago
add-more-lan-channels-8f5197ed5f057c25.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
add-numa-topology-info-8c253fd9e56169f1.yaml Release notes cleanup for Pike release 4 years ago
add-optional-tls-support-3ab6a834154fedec.yaml If listen_tls is true, enable TLS on wsgi server 1 year ago
add-pci-devices-info-3f86934a505d1b31.yaml Add PCI devices collector to inspector 5 years ago
add-portal-port-arg-6d4faec2f709c8e9.yaml add new portal_port argument into iscsi.start_iscsi_target api 6 years ago
add-secondary-sorting-by-name-for-root-disks-4de2c0358b9a1e2c.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
add-unit-test-cc4a1a05859ad17d.yaml Reduced restriction of parsing for dmidecode output 6 years ago
add-vendor-info-56be9a8605d80bf0.yaml Add 'system_vendor' information to data 6 years ago
add-vlan-interfaces-cdfeb39d0f3d444d.yaml Bring up VLAN interfaces and include in introspection report 9 months ago
add_interface_vendor_and_product-74e9815f20ee0cac.yaml Add vendor, product to interface information 5 years ago
add_mellanox_hardware_manager-edfae87964737df1.yaml Correct error in Infiniband release note 5 years ago
additional-wwn-hints-ffd02ceafcb3dc70.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
adds-smartctl-ata-check-to-secure-erase-caebba4f25821575.yaml Refuse secure erase if ATA command does not work 3 years ago
advertise-address-c3b152fe475fb539.yaml Bind to interface routable to the ironic host, not a random one 6 years ago
advertise-protocol-110ae1587f727e62.yaml Support changing the protocol part of callback_url to https 1 year ago
agent-fully-retries-image-downloads-67409a493c6d08ae.yaml Add full download retries 1 year ago
agent-token-support-1086218cf2a0c917.yaml Agent token support 2 years ago
agent_partition_image-91941adc6683c673.yaml Add support for partition images in agent driver. 6 years ago
allows-bootloader-install-failure-to-be-ignored-b99667b13afa9759.yaml Option to enable bootloader config failure bypass 8 months ago
append-efi-partition-to-fstab-e9f945a4dd19bd7a.yaml Add fstab pointer to EFI partition 6 months ago
apply-raid-aeca7848c6320d6b.yaml Return the final RAID configuration from apply_configuration 1 year ago
ataraid_does_not_appear_as_disk-8a260e66b3496bf6.yaml Fix multi-device behavior 3 years ago
attempts-ata-disk-unlock-897d76c494ec2976.yaml Try to unlock failed device before proceeding 3 years ago
auto-tls-b52b873663f35618.yaml Generate a TLS certificate and send it to ironic 1 year ago
avoid-grub2-using-efibootmgr-bd27c0978d1cf71b.yaml Tidy up relese notes for 6.0.0 2 years ago
bindmount-run-4c6a31d3ee4e0ed6.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
block-device-hctl-e81573812be3d469.yaml Add HCTL to BlockDevices 5 years ago
boot-info-f18336ada089f6dd.yaml Add boot information into the inventory 5 years ago
bootloader-ignored-uefi-mode-8578a009d5b5be62.yaml Return false for MBR bootloader check on UEFI machines 2 years ago
build-tinyipa-with-python3-d4a64aa18f970968.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
build-tinyipa-with-tinycore8-b39d0415b1c25f6b.yaml Build tinyipa with tinycore 8.x 3 years ago
bumpsipalookupattempts-29de7c949aaf6556.yaml Tidy up relese notes for 6.0.0 2 years ago
change-heartbeat-method-d0119406137022e3.yaml Simplify heartbeating by removing use of select() 1 year ago
check-partition-table-after-writing-34efbd557d8de7cb.yaml Attempt to read the partition table after writing an image 3 years ago
clarify-heartbeat-connection-errors-2af152bf2d7928e2.yaml Clarify connection error on heartbeats 1 year ago
clock-skew-1fbf542b193cec17.yaml Generate TLS certificates with validity time in the past 9 months ago
collect-dmi-output-f2e9feabef16bacf.yaml Collect processor, memory and BIOS output of dmidecode 4 years ago
collect-more-8bc9ad4c63e873e1.yaml Collect lsblk and /proc/mdstat with ramdisk logs 2 years ago
coreos-uses-chroot-8a01ba0b38a4a4f4.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
coreos_ipa_image_poweroff_reboot_in_chroot_by_sysrq-42447fc4cdd7dafe.yaml Reboot and Poweroff fails with coreos IPA image 5 years ago
correction-failure-output-when-downloading-image-39f93838d1ed2928.yaml Release notes cleanup for Pike release 4 years ago
cpu-flags-e3cec7e5cba069ef.yaml Returns CPU flags in the CPU inventory 5 years ago
deprecate-coreos-8b01bcf796c0dc54.yaml Deprecate CoreOS ramdisk support 3 years ago
device-hints-from-node-object-9a689f5a4175a1a6.yaml Get root device hints from the node object 5 years ago
discover-ipv6-bmc-address-b3b357ff6c5d822c.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
disk-label-fix-536897e41a4d817f.yaml Add disk_label support for partition images 6 years ago
disk-wait-2e0e85e0947f80e9.yaml Wait for at least one suitable disk to appear on start up 5 years ago
drop-python2-2006fd8a4a6de56d.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
enable-cleaning-fallback-57e8c9aa2f24e63d.yaml Provide fallback from ATA erase to shredding 6 years ago
enhance-checksum-2256ffdcce13836e.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
erase-deploy-step-3e952fa863bca908.yaml Allow erase_devices_metadata to be used as a deploy step 1 year ago
erase-device-metadata-clean-step-31b4a615c0ff7f18.yaml Add erase_devices_metadata cleaning step 5 years ago
erase_metadata_from_partitions-4f1902533d530b8f.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
executes-gpt-partition-fix-b6156cc16da00dfc.yaml Fix GPT partition tables after agent writes contents 1 year ago
extend-pci-metric-5482284d6a9fe765.yaml Extends pci devices metrics 1 year ago
extend-retry-timeout-30c930a33d97c193.yaml Extend retries to 9, 10 seconds apart. 1 year ago
fail_ipa_start_if_ironic_api_invalid-7b78fcaba2141cc5.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
fallback-to-findfs-59abde55221e1e84.yaml Last resort fallback to find a partition 2 years ago
fasttrack-stale-cache-fd93b56a955c7ab1.yaml Update the cache if we don't have a root device hint 1 year ago
fix-agent-determination-of-partition-table-type-3c78bf78266e8cef.yaml Fix default disk label with partition images 8 months ago
fix-agent-unable-to-stop-py3-6c210793476968d1.yaml Making ironic-python-agent able to stop with python 3.x 3 years ago
fix-auxillarly-node-lookup-argument-83d3f717c039e454.yaml Fix backup node lookup 1 year ago
fix-bmc-ip-detection-for-coreos-483be0286593e393.yaml Fix BMC IP address detection on CoreOS images 3 years ago
fix-bootloader-install-with-mdraid-0a254035df9d0bed.yaml Fix bootloader install issue with MDRAID 1 year ago
fix-bytes-json-serializable-collected-logs-ad61022b287dc3e2.yaml Release notes cleanup for Pike release 4 years ago
fix-cleaning-read-only-device-c8a0f4cc2f434d99.yaml Skip read-only devices with metadata erase 2 years ago
fix-coreos-modprobe-75bda45c7bbeb469.yaml Load IPMI modules before chroot in CoreOS image 5 years ago
fix-hardcoded-path-to-grub-7006f29a9ef72e75.yaml Release notes clean up for the upcoming release 4 years ago
fix-high-cpu-usage-eventlet-1dccf3b81dd42c47.yaml Fix an issue with high cpu usage caused by ironic-python-agent 1 year ago
fix-iscsi-teardown-handling-0df2345318d3c843.yaml Suppress errors from iscsi session cleanup 2 years ago
fix-local-boot-for-partition-images-755f570dc0982868.yaml Fixes local boot for partition images 7 months ago
fix-mlnx-hardware-mgr-never-run-72072580be4d6e7a.yaml Fix: make Intel CNA hardware manager none generic 1 year ago
fix-nic-without-numa-node-b401f97c46afa4a1.yaml Tidy up relese notes for 6.0.0 2 years ago
fix-nvme-partition-image-handling-b8487133a188fd32.yaml Fix NVMe Partition image on UEFI 4 months ago
fix-physical-memory-arm64-957755f6cd91ad85.yaml Release notes cleanup for the next release 2 years ago
fix-to-pass-root-uuid-for-whole-disk-image-1c13b70f6b74bce0.yaml Clean up release notes before a release 4 years ago
fix-vfd-mount-for-capitalized-device-name-db7f519e900f4e22.yaml Fix vfd mount for capitalized device name 6 years ago
fix_partition_cleanup-46491861c930db12.yaml Software RAID: Don't delete partitions too early 12 months ago
fixes-agent-lookup-retries-1b4bb90b8e783aca.yaml Fix TypeError on agent lookup failure 1 year ago
fixes-error-handling-of-efibootmgr-not-present-in-ramdisk-f11b4241edcf0e81.yaml Fixes error handling if efibootmgr is not present in ramdisk 2 years ago
get-holder-disks-with-nvme-7d5fa75df2fd5904.yaml Release notes cleanup for the next release 2 years ago
get-physical-memory-535a32362bcdf83a.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
get_md_components_by_uuid-7f08d423ea9e7c94.yaml Software RAID: Get component devices by md UUID 12 months ago
handle-configdrive-large-disks-3517e9fcf16c7f39.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
handle-fd0-devices-3d1f31c3b34819e8.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
handle-ssl-063a91fb7bdcf9b9.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
image-checksum-39b2ceef40933c28.yaml Allow image checksum to be a URL 3 years ago
image-download-retries-65ac31fe4328e438.yaml Add timeout and retries when connection to an image server 1 year ago
improve-tgtd-status-d17173dc8f67959f.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
inspect-to-clean-b3616d843775c187.yaml Limit Inspection->Lookup->Heartbeat lag 1 year ago
inspection-to-report-disk-by-path-e3fd4c331d200903.yaml Release notes clean up for the upcoming release 4 years ago
inspection-wait-for-ips-223e39b65fef31bd.yaml Wait for the interfaces to get IP addresses before inspection 6 years ago
inspection-wait-for-ips-v2-146016f758d7010c.yaml [inspection] wait for the PXE DHCP by default and remove the carrier check 5 years ago
inspector-logs-9b7c010c219691d2.yaml Enable the logs collection by default 1 year ago
instance-info-root-device-02fed0966bb00fb3.yaml Allow reading root_device from instance_info 2 years ago
inventory-conf-29b59ebe97aefbde.yaml Expose collector and hardware manager names via introspection data 2 years ago
ip6-addresses-1c2b9bcd9a124de7.yaml Advertise the correct address when using IPv6 5 years ago
ipa-debug-68c86101b1fdc3d9.yaml Allow enabling debug level via kernel cmdline 6 years ago
ipmi-address-channel-b6b8010c41d05c1b.yaml Remove assumption that a valid IPMI channel cannot follow an invalid one 4 years ago
ipmi-cleanup-a4454f6851d81c4d.yaml Clean up deprecated items in the inspection code 4 years ago
ipv6-listen-85d40e58156e398f.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
ipv6-provision-42e9000f6f6a7a3a.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
ironic-error-97e76d9ddacff039.yaml Correctly decode error messages from ironic API 9 months ago
iscsi-detection-on-diskless-hw-f27dcce3aaa35ac2.yaml Follow-up text changes for 327807 5 years ago
jitter-for-inspection-command-5a226927757a0308.yaml Add jitter to inspection command reporting 1 year ago
let_crypt_generate_the_salt-99876591325275a1.yaml Use crypt to generate salt 2 years ago
lib-exc-41ee122eb4a04bc4.yaml Fix serializing ironic-lib exceptions 1 year ago
limit-qemu-img-ram-usage-d7b7a16ac5e9c917.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
lldp-error-handling-5b6576b378ef9c3a.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
lldp-loop-fdfa584caf33d847.yaml Build socket list right before select call 5 years ago
logs-collector-non-ascii-010339bf256443c8.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
lshw-cb89894be057bdc9.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
lshw-for-memory-and-system-info-35c69da067c72b36.yaml Use lshw in place of dmidecode for the default hardware manager 4 years ago
manual-introspection-b04b5c25f5e004ac.yaml manual introspection trigger command 2 years ago
md-restart-9e0d47863a086792.yaml Rescan after restarting the md device 1 year ago
mdadm-d5b8c186182620b1.yaml Make mdadm a soft requirement 10 months ago
mdns-e020484e64d76edb.yaml Supports fetching API endpoints from mDNS 2 years ago
min-ironic-ocata-dff80e567783e87c.yaml Move minimum ironic version to latest ocata 1 year ago
multiple-lan-channels-ee32d80150f990bf.yaml Release notes cleanup for Pike release 4 years ago
name-root-device-hints-0cfc8c90d03c8bf0.yaml Extend root device hints to support device name 6 years ago
new-agent-api-afbe7391493749be.yaml Use new agent API if available 5 years ago
new-sync-command-6f5fa55df2fd5903.yaml Add sync() command to the standby module 6 years ago
no-bash-for-grub-c38369af8cc7cf26.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
no-coreos-3345cc69009dead9.yaml Remove support for CoreOS images 2 years ago
no-link-local-2e861978c5c7bf30.yaml Ignore IPv6 link local addresses 4 years ago
no-mac-54616606ee6b844d.yaml Do not fail network interface collection on unsupported interface 5 months ago
no-sample-ac11bd0fa27af62a.yaml Remove the configuration sample file 2 years ago
no-zram-78cc6583f4f90a9c.yaml Do not try to use zRAM devices for anything 2 years ago
old-inspector-data-5e63c9bce72b4fb5.yaml Remove compatibility with old bash-based introspection ramdisk 5 years ago
oslo-config-generator-b0f70b9fb7e23997.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
parallel-erase-disk-devices-09ea33d5443aead0.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
partition_check_read_only_base_device-5bc15ac2f034aca9.yaml Check the base device if the read-only file cannot be read 6 months ago
permit-pre-hashed-rescue-passwords-4275f6e697533cec.yaml Permit hashed passwords to be sent to IPA. 2 years ago
pint-0.5-816aaf3a4f6d4a6e.yaml Fix compatibility with Pint 0.5 2 years ago
poll-mode-063bd36b2b18bffb.yaml Adds poll mode deployment support 1 year ago
prefix-lldp-timeout-50acc656313d8dd2.yaml lldp-timeout kernel parameter missing ipa- prefix 5 years ago
prepare-image-49744276cef719d5.yaml Do not silently swallow errors in the write_image deploy step 12 months ago
preserve-efi-folder-contents-ea1e278b3093ec55.yaml Prevent broken partition image UEFI deploys 8 months ago
prevent-needless-iscsi-cleanup-f8d602c0abc7e8ba.yaml Prevent un-needed iscsi cleanup 1 year ago
raid-esp-size-2c322adb2d3b9ce7.yaml Increase the ESP partition size to 550 MiB when using software RAID 1 year ago
raid-hints-604f9ffdd86432eb.yaml Allow specifying target devices for software RAID 2 years ago
raid5-6-support-0807597c3633a26c.yaml RAID 5/6 2 years ago
relax-checksum-feeding-11044ae02b411a07.yaml Clean up release notes 2 years ago
remove-switch_port_descr-switch_chassis_descr-40f2bb37b5f1fdd1.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
remove-sysrq-2c2804930180f408.yaml Replace SYSRQ commands 6 years ago
remove-vendor-passthru-eda3519c322eb4e2.yaml Remove old lookup/heartbeat from IPA 5 years ago
rescan-before-checking-uefi-64597c937880134d.yaml Rescan devices before performing uefi checks 2 years ago
rescue-dhcp_network-for-tinyipa-a14de5fae38a5dce.yaml Adds a releasenote for DHCP support for TinyIPA 4 years ago
respect-listen-directives-94fb863c5b692c07.yaml Make WSGI server respect listen_* directives 1 year ago
rework-ata-secure-erase-c6684962ef078281.yaml spelling error 3 years ago
root-device-hints-rotational-67e6e61074c26561.yaml Extend root device hints to support "rotational" 5 years ago
set-clock-prior-to-poweroff-af6ec210aad8b45a.yaml Amending ntp time sync release note 2 years ago
skip-lookup-and-heartbeat-if-apiurl-not-configured-5ae8b04ae1e74673.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
skips-bootloader-install-35c463195aa61800.yaml Don't try to put a bootloader in place when bootable 2 years ago
sleep-ebe58fbe07d30219.yaml Add a configurable sleep before IPA starts working 5 years ago
softraid-bootable-with-uefi-aa22e6cbaf1ea747.yaml Editing follow-up for UEFI Software RAID support 1 year ago
softraid-creation-on-nvme-a2fd4c531d200904.yaml Release notes cleanup for the next release 2 years ago
softraid-partitioning-refactor-104b817c3bdc73e3.yaml Release notes cleanup for the next release 2 years ago
softraid-zap-superblocks-anywhere.yaml Delete_configuration, consider removed raid members as well 2 years ago
software-raid-4a88e6c5af9ea742.yaml Software RAID: Create/delete configurations 2 years ago
software-raid-raid-ESPs-25a2aa117b99620a.yaml Software RAID: RAID the ESPs 4 months ago
software_raid_use_rootfs_uuid-9149cc0c8638d5d5.yaml Tidy up relese notes for 6.0.0 2 years ago
start_passing_agent_version_to_ironic-6fa8670ae0e7eb38.yaml Include IPA Version during heartbeat 4 years ago
stream-raw-images-d2e245aaed991d86.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
streaming-partition-images-cdeb260ef8f90012.yaml Allow streaming raw partition images 3 years ago
streaming-uuid-fdf136a7745fbb3d.yaml Fix root UUID for streamed partition images 6 months ago
support-collecting-ipv6-address-dd819d543f851a63.yaml Collect IPv6 address during introspection 3 years ago
support-image-proxy-e2987a6589375451.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
support-linux-io-6bbd7ff1f0d70a0e.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
support-lldp-in-inventory-4ab6e45ccd35dace.yaml Support LLDP data as part of interfaces in inventory 5 years ago
support-prep-partitions-5e273572ab7ce018.yaml Install grub to PReP partition when prep_boot_part_uuid is provided 3 years ago
suse-tinyipa-support-20acecd6d7b20952.yaml imagebuild: tinyipa: Make the install-deps.sh SUSE aware 5 years ago
sw-raid-assemble-9c20fe967f73d1dd.yaml Software RAID: try to assemble RAID on start-up 2 years ago
timeout_on_file_download-ed77918318316075.yaml Add timeout operations to try and prevent hang on read() 1 year ago
tinycore-ipv6-1b620c61402b5720.yaml Removes tinyipa from IPA 2 years ago
tinyipa-python3-default-b8434793e17465db.yaml Update release notes 3 years ago
tinyipa-rescue-dhcp-multi-tenant-b32bda7bf2b12679.yaml Rescue bug: tinyipa fails to acquire IP in multitenant env 3 years ago
tinyipa-ssh-e8a3a01a3f3ff5f4.yaml Enable SSH access to tinyipa 5 years ago
udev-settle-f75db34db990ad68.yaml Wait for udev to settle before listing the block devices 6 years ago
udevadm-settle-9d3e5f1f20211857.yaml Add a call to "udevadm settle" in write_image.sh 5 months ago
uefi-esp-660fc2c650e6af92.yaml A boot partition on a GPT disk should be considered an EFI partition 1 year ago
uefi-fallback-266c647f6aff58fd.yaml Improve grammar/readability in Ocata release notes 5 years ago
uefi-images-38c8536db189ffc1.yaml Fix error message with UEFI-incompatible images 7 months ago
up-qemuimg-mem-1536183a02b3a235.yaml Increase the memory limit for qemu-img 7 months ago
use-latest-coreos-87f826d26b46548d.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
use-system-random-00b0721c8ebd0c5a.yaml Catch up release notes for Mitaka 6 years ago
wait-for-interfaces-before-lookup-9bf38852b2f176a1.yaml Wait for at least one interface before node lookup 5 years ago
wait-root-device-504b517c3aec73e2.yaml Fix waiting for target disk to appear 4 years ago
whole-disk-grub-0b1b8b9c44e31d28.yaml Don't try to call GRUB when root UUID is not provided 12 months ago
zero-size-78d3be2ac8fd59c2.yaml Ignore devices with size 0 when collecting inventory 1 year ago