A Python agent for provisioning and deprovisioning Bare Metal servers.
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Julia Kreger ee8118423b Limit qemu-img execution arenas 4 months ago
api Generate a TLS certificate and send it to ironic 1 year ago
cmd Support changing the protocol part of callback_url to https 1 year ago
extensions Merge "Software RAID: RAID the ESPs" into stable/victoria 4 months ago
hardware_managers Fix: make Intel CNA hardware manager none generic 1 year ago
shell Limit qemu-img execution arenas 4 months ago
tests Merge "Software RAID: RAID the ESPs" into stable/victoria 4 months ago
__init__.py If listen_tls is true, enable TLS on wsgi server 1 year ago
agent.py Merge "Simplify heartbeating by removing use of select()" 12 months ago
config.py Option to enable bootloader config failure bypass 8 months ago
dmi_inspector.py Collect processor, memory and BIOS output of dmidecode - follow-up 4 years ago
encoding.py Fix serializing ironic-lib exceptions 1 year ago
errors.py When reporting that agent is busy, report the executed command 1 year ago
hardware.py Fix missing data in log messages 5 months ago
inspect.py Add jitter to inspection command reporting 1 year ago
inspector.py Extends pci devices metrics 1 year ago
ironic_api_client.py Correctly decode error messages from ironic API 9 months ago
netutils.py Bring up VLAN interfaces and include in introspection report 9 months ago
numa_inspector.py Skip nic numa_node discovery if it's not assigned to a numa_node 2 years ago
raid_utils.py Increase the ESP partition size to 550 MiB when using software RAID 1 year ago
tls_utils.py Generate TLS certificates with validity time in the past 9 months ago
utils.py Fix confusing logging when running asynchronous commands 1 year ago
version.py Add sphinx build + basic documentation 7 years ago