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  Arne Wiebalck 6053cae0cd Add details on target_raid_config for Software RAID support 1 month ago
  Moshe Levi df996b9a7e Better explain how do we know that the Smart NIC is ready to be programmed 3 months ago
  Bill Chan d9a8625186 Add spec for Huawei iBMC driver 3 months ago
  Julia Kreger b2407ddcff A fresh way of looking at step retrieval 6 months ago
  Moshe Levi f358fbdde9 Add Support for Smart NIC 9 months ago
  Arne Wiebalck f4ec59ae86 Support for Software RAID 4 months ago
  John Garbutt 8e95563a68 Deploy Templates 1 year ago
  chenjiao e5c3ea7b9e spelling error 4 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 693de03e8e Allocation API 5 months ago
  zhouxinyong 2662d9ca47 Omit the twice occured words in expose-configdrive.rst 5 months ago
  zhouxinyong c318b4aabe Delete the duplicate words in ipa_api_versioning.rst 5 months ago
  Vasyl Saienko 2724f04a89 Add synchronize-events-with-neutron spec 2 years ago
  Kaifeng Wang 5487f20f43 Provides detailed conductor information 1 year ago
  James Penick 1e04db5b42 No IPA to conductor communication 3 years ago
  Hironori Shiina 8722aa582a Move SPEC for Fujitsu MMB hardware to backlog 7 months ago
  Julia Kreger f1f559c313 Fix ironic-specs repo doc builds 7 months ago
  Mark Goddard fa6b5e5e35 Add virtual Bare Metal Clusters spec 9 months ago
  shekar f8816d0b3c Added new spec for L3 based Ironic deployment 1 year ago
  Kaifeng Wang 8ba8aec3ad Amendment of the agent http provisioning spec 8 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 53984da2e4 Move the inspector boot management spec to backlog 8 months ago
  melissaml 64c5912fe1 Remove the duplicated word 8 months ago
  Julia Kreger 6e0b8ac626 Move specs completed in 11.1 8 months ago
  Julia Kreger 192c45adc1 Moving UCS specs to backlog 8 months ago
  Julia Kreger 2ba77c9aa9 Follow-up to owner field specificaiton 8 months ago
  Julia Kreger b78b09f61c Cleanup specs for Rocky 9 months ago
  Julia Kreger 9bd23a67e4 Follow-up ramdisk specification 9 months ago
  Julia Kreger 7693c94f2b Add Boot from Ramdisk spec 10 months ago
  Mathieu Mitchell e069f7fa65 VNC Graphical console 3 years ago
  XiaojueGuan a8eb17d948 Update links in README 10 months ago
  Ruby Loo d9cf8fefe6 Use node.fault field for power fault recovery work 11 months ago
  Jim Rollenhagen 838e42dba4 Add conductor/node locality spec 1 year ago
  melissaml 8dbe3184ee Trivial: Update pypi url to new url 1 year ago
  KaiFeng Wang 16f6afe3dd The direct deploy interface provisioning with HTTP server 1 year ago
  Julia Kreger 15b27ef6a8 Add ownership information field 1 year ago
  Julia Kreger 7e05695bd3 Correct linter check for petitboot driver spec 1 year ago
  Ruby Loo 38e37b9717 Deployment steps framework 1 year ago
  Ruby Loo be2b71fe3b Support StoryBoard URLs 1 year ago
  KaiFeng Wang 725873a760 Support baremetal inspection abort operation 1 year ago
  melissaml f35581eebf fix typos in documentation 1 year ago
  melissaml f1ef725c3d fix typos in documentation 1 year ago
  Kaifeng Wang c20caae1f7 Support power fault recovery 1 year ago
  Hironori Shiina 93fd4b1fb4 Remove unnecessary indents 1 year ago
  Kaifeng Wang c48069bea7 Follow up of inspect wait state spec 1 year ago
  Anshul Jain 89ee32937a Update OOB RAID for iLO5 based HPE Proliant Servers 1 year ago
  dparalen b2e9b6dac6 Introduce inspect wait state 1 year ago
  zshi aef133ab89 Hardware interface for BIOS configuration 1 year ago
  Julia Kreger 40b232fb82 Moving completed ilo uefi iscsi boot spec 1 year ago
  Julia Kreger 32281f4bf6 Move completed specs 1 year ago
  Julia Kreger c0963b3b82 Move petitboot-boot driver based upon PTG discussion 1 year ago
  Ruby Loo 9839d23bff two finished specs 1 year ago