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@@ -404,6 +404,21 @@ There are certain limitations to be aware of:
* There is no support for partition images, only whole-disk images are
supported with Software RAID. See :doc:`/install/configure-glance-images`.

Image requirements

Since Ironic needs to perform additional steps when deploying nodes
with software RAID, there are some requirements the deployed images need
to fulfill. Up to and including the Train release, the image needs to
have its root file system on the first partition. Starting with Ussuri,
the image can also have additional metadata to point Ironic to the
partition with the root file system: for this, the image needs to set
the ``rootfs_uuid`` property with the file system UUID of the root file
system. The pre-Ussuri approach, i.e. to have the root file system on
the first partition, is kept as a fallback and hence allows software
RAID deployments where Ironic does not have access to any image metadata
(e.g. Ironic stand-alone).

Using RAID in nova flavor for scheduling