tox: Drop envdir

tox now always recreates an env although the env is shared using envdir
$ tox -e genpolicy
genpolicy: recreate env because env type changed from
{'name': 'genconfig', 'type': 'VirtualEnvRunner'} to
{'name': 'genpolicy', 'type': 'VirtualEnvRunner'}

According to the maintainer of tox, this functionality is not intended
to be supported.

Change-Id: I71faa02e183ab29511768bca5f84461bcd3b1fe3
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Takashi Kajinami 2024-02-02 23:26:44 +09:00
parent 9050f66a1b
commit b6f062a8e8
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@ -72,13 +72,11 @@ commands =
sitepackages = False
envdir = {toxworkdir}/venv
commands =
oslo-config-generator --config-file=tools/config/ironic-config-generator.conf
sitepackages = False
envdir = {toxworkdir}/venv
commands =
oslopolicy-sample-generator --config-file=tools/policy/ironic-policy-generator.conf