31 Commits (31d93dccdcf24f285d784ca7bb6c623002c02bf1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bob Fournier 8bd25a9882 Restrict syncing of boot mode to Supermicro 3 months ago
  Jacob Anders f96ce69818 Follow up of Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection 3 months ago
  Steve Baker 9f221a7d42 Allow unsupported redfish set_boot_mode 3 months ago
  Jacob Anders 05df3d7aa4 Use OOB inspection to fetch MACs for IB inspection 4 months ago
  ankit 2e6777d757 Fixes issue of redfish firmware update 8 months ago
  Bob Fournier 4a7d50ce56 For Supermicro BMCs set enable when changing boot device 5 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 121b3348c8 Refactor vendor detection and add Redfish implementation 5 months ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 33d51f221f Redfish secure boot management 5 months ago
  Aija Jauntēva 870181f3ae Update `cleaning_error_handler` 8 months ago
  Bob Fournier 685131fd36 Sync boot mode when changing the boot device via Redfish 8 months ago
  Christopher Dearborn f0e0ef634e Redfish driver firmware update 10 months ago
  Richard Pioso 91b0f73834 Correct Redfish boot once fallback conditional 12 months ago
  Richard Pioso c56777929a Fix Redfish handle no continuous override boot src 1 year ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 18a8e2f6e9 redfish: handle hardware that is unable to set persistent boot 1 year ago
  Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira d6e7552457 Switch to unittest mock 1 year ago
  Ilya Etingof aad54c245b Improve `redfish` set-boot-device behaviour 1 year ago
  Ilya Etingof 5be4c4f5c5 Improve `redfish` set-boot-mode implementation 1 year ago
  Ilya Etingof e8f2120405 Add indicator management to redfish hw type 2 years ago
  Ilya Etingof a2ae57c457 Fix drive sensors collection in `redfish` mgmt interface 2 years ago
  Ilya Etingof 9fab96fc37 Add Redfish Virtual Media Boot support 3 years ago
  Shivanand Tendulker 0d6ee78f5b Failure in get_sensor_data() of 'redfish' management interface 2 years ago
  Ilya Etingof 82abc0beac Collect sensor data in ``redfish`` hardware type 2 years ago
  Bill Dodd 9880262def Add BIOS interface to Redfish hardware type 3 years ago
  Ilya Etingof e8414886b7 Improve sushy mocks 3 years ago
  Nisha Agarwal 41d3356571 Add Redfish inspect interface 4 years ago
  Ilya Etingof 7c5f655794 Added Redfish boot mode management 3 years ago
  Dmitry Tantsur 86a5a1698f Remove excessive usage of mock_the_extension_manager in unit tests - part 1 3 years ago
  Lucas Alvares Gomes c21149454a Add redfish driver 4 years ago