70 Commits (9f75bbd938dae085b7c6985ae3d591c1e7f5ef55)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dmitry Tantsur 1faa3397a6 Fix the remaining hacking issues 2 years ago
Riccardo Pittau 78c121a5d7 Stop using six library 2 years ago
Riccardo Pittau b8fa188a29 Change log level based on node status 2 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur cea8d74914 Fix updating nodes with removed or broken drivers 3 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 8e5337c39a Allocation API: allow skipping retries in TaskManager 3 years ago
Vladyslav Drok 1b5de915bf Fix task_manager process_event docstring 4 years ago
Julia Kreger 24c04d93dd Fix W605 Errors 4 years ago
Hironori Shiina acdc372b5d Stop verifying updated driver in creating task 4 years ago
yuan liang 588f2e921f add portgroups in the task_manager docstrings 5 years ago
Ramamani Yeleswarapu d82fb9a9a2 Remove translation of log messages from ironic/conductor 5 years ago
Julia Kreger f11d3deff5 Add volume_connectors and volume_targets to task 5 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 6e981156c8 Move interface validation from API to conductor side 5 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 50a2f50ab8 Add node provision state change notification 6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur ab0630b510 Log node state transitions at INFO level 5 years ago
Jim Rollenhagen 88fc516678 Refresh fsm in task when a shared lock is upgraded 5 years ago
Nguyen Hung Phuong 7022b5fad5 Merge imports in code 5 years ago
Cao Shufeng 48790b66aa Log node uuid rather than id when acquiring node lock 5 years ago
Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 2a73b50a7f Allow changing lock purpose on lock upgrade 6 years ago
Mario Villaplana ea06393fe8 Allow vendor drivers to acquire shared locks 6 years ago
Lin Tan 0607226fc4 Adopt Ironic's own context 6 years ago
Dao Cong Tien 2c824a7343 Fix typos in some source files. 6 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes aa4d3fa022 Make sure target state is cleared on stable states 6 years ago
Lin Tan add1884959 Add ensure_thread_contain_context() to task_manager 6 years ago
Jim Rollenhagen 7f46a03fca Refactor driver loading to load a driver instance per node 6 years ago
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 5b619b7d29 Set node last_error in TaskManager 6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 3429e3824c Switch to Futurist library for asynchronous execution and periodic tasks 6 years ago
Laura Moore a603e3c12c Add portgroups to support LAG interfaces - RPC 7 years ago
Kan 93ca514b7c Use node uuid in some exception log 6 years ago
Ruby Loo 30ea86d005 Specifying target provision states in fsm 6 years ago
John L. Villalovos 48bf4348ce Convert functools.wraps() usage to six.wraps() 6 years ago
Joshua Harlow 8821f42b20 Use the oslo_utils.timeutils 'StopWatch' class 7 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur f20d37bd1a Only take exclusive lock in sync_power_state if node is updated 7 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 65f3a31b94 Allow upgrading shared lock to an exclusive one 7 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur dc84f5dd97 Make task_manager logging more helpful 7 years ago
Mario Villaplana 0818ffd3b0 Fixes some docstring warnings 7 years ago
Ghe Rivero aafeed2f85 Use oslo_log lib 7 years ago
Zhenguo Niu f8e3895a1f Fix two typos 7 years ago
jiangfei c67fa26416 Use oslo_utils replace oslo.utils 7 years ago
Jim Rollenhagen 80aba0c9d4 Move oslo.config references to oslo_config 7 years ago
Devananda van der Veen e7958dee65 Rename NOSTATE to AVAILABLE 7 years ago
Ruby Loo 7a06378472 Improve docstrings about TaskManager's spawning feature 7 years ago
Devananda van der Veen 42bb13046b Enable async callbacks from task.process_event() 7 years ago
Devananda van der Veen d8c182bd13 Begin using the state machine for node deploy/teardown 7 years ago
Sam Betts 4bfae01ed0 Add logging to driver vendor_passthru functions 7 years ago
David Shrewsbury 8858c610a9 Enable H307 PEP8 check 7 years ago
Vladyslav Drok 91fde155be Fix markup-related issues in documentation 7 years ago
Mark Atwood 56fed1198f Cleans up some Sphinx rST warnings in Ironic 7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes f575ae7ea3 Add reserve() and release() to Node object 7 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 2856ef26d2 Add list_by_node_id() to Port object 7 years ago
Vladyslav Drok 7a35462661 Translator functions cleanup part 3 7 years ago