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Aeva Black 9f75bbd938 Add my new address to .mailmap
This commit updates the mailmap file and changes my alias
in a few places within old comments.

Change-Id: Ica0e184109d794b8e129d567b5606d7fe84ff384
2020-04-13 07:29:37 -07:00
Joe Gordon 386630ec16 Update mailmap for Joe Gordon
Update mailmap to reflect that I am committing from a new email address.

Change-Id: Ie174dc708ff1e1dfb1010441286d96738a8957bb
2013-10-28 10:19:15 +00:00
Joe Gordon 409b20b461 Add mailmap file
The .mailmap feature is used to coalesce together commits by the same
person in the shortlog, where their name and/or email address was
spelled differently.

Change-Id: I9260d12fe52b31feae362995641e94969ea6bbbb
2013-10-28 10:16:35 +00:00