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Dan Prince 030304d7c2 Add agent_iboot entrypoint
This patch adds a new driver combination/entrypoint so that
the Iboot power driver can be used with an IPA agent
based deployment workflow.

Change-Id: I677e60a333ec65cbd2852270fb091f17428e5e36
Closes-bug: #1514439
2015-11-10 09:30:53 +00:00
Yuriy Zveryanskyy 977d1f1f78 Add "agent_wol" (AgentAndWakeOnLanDriver)
This patch adds new driver with WakeOnLanPower and AgentDeploy
interfaces. Automatic deploy is possible because AgentDeploy
does soft power off at the end of deploy cycle.

Change-Id: I09dc41c1523fafc5155a02829f9528d65cf2f5b0
2015-11-02 13:51:56 +02:00
Jim Rollenhagen 42d203a9a5 Add agent_amt driver
This combines the AgentDeploy deploy driver with the AMT power and
management drivers, to allow the agent-based deploy mechanism on AMT

Co-Authored-By: Devananda van der Veen <>
Closes-Bug: #1499489
Implements: blueprint agent-amt-driver
Change-Id: Ideaa68d97477a9a924c33e76b4da3aa8fb02f503
2015-10-12 00:09:37 +00:00
John L. Villalovos ef6c57eb5f Move unit tests to correct directory
Move unit tests that test ironic/drivers/modules/*
from ironic/tests/drivers/* to ironic/tests/drivers/modules/*

Update any unit test imports that were broken by move.

Change-Id: Ic5c2e4143ad76e9d910a4361483dc09145dc1dff
2015-09-30 17:47:19 -07:00
John L. Villalovos f350d87af8 Prepare for functional testing
Prepare for functional testing by creating two new directories:
  * ironic/tests/unit
  * ironic/tests/functional

Move all files currently in ironic/tests/* to ironic/tests/unit/

Update imports from 'ironic.tests.YYY' to 'ironic.tests.unit.YYY'

Fix any PEP8 issues due to longer lines

Partial-Bug: #1491670
Change-Id: I1166f20adf8c84b2042b62e348926502a4851e08
2015-09-28 21:27:01 +00:00