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Pavlo Shchelokovskyy 87c2db4dc6 Remove iBoot, WoL and AMT drivers 5 years ago
Mario Villaplana 7dc74ab754 Remove "agent_last_heartbeat" internal field from agent drivers 5 years ago
Devananda van der Veen d0e49e1b41 Documentation update 5 years ago
Akilan Pughazhendi 2bfd13643c Grammar fix in code contribution guide 5 years ago
Ramamani Yeleswarapu b203d984bd Add Ironic specs process to the code contribution guide 5 years ago
Lin Tan 080707f59b Introduce driver_internal_info in code-contribution-guide 6 years ago
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Jim Rollenhagen 16bb29ea1b Clarify rejected status in RFE contribution docs 6 years ago
Vladyslav Drok ffb654ba29 Document the process of proposing new features 6 years ago
Lin Tan ac0738803a Follow up patch to correct code-contribute-guide 6 years ago
Lin Tan 0d75fa62e5 Add Code Contribution Guide for Ironic 6 years ago